Vishy we love you

I have been a great admirer of now fully established world champion of the mind game chess- Mr Vishwanathan Anand.In the recently concluded world championship he emerged as the sole triumphant and that too by a solid margin of 1 full point among the 8 greatest chess players.Though I have always seen him as the truly deserving world champion deconsidering the rules which kept him aloft of the world champion tag till now.I am quite young to analyze and comment on his game but for sure his game is improving day by day.Without any political or other support he has achieved this mighty task.So whatever he has achieved is his own and deserved and just amazing.Lots and lots of congratulations to you vishy(So senior to me to be called by this name but still it sound sweet and intimate-so i will).I just hope to see you some day.


  1. @ balnarayan
    Thanks for dropping by at our blog. We make lack the communication skills of MIC guys, but we try to keep people updated. Please do visit again. Thanks for linking to our blog.


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