University Asks Bloggers to Grow Up!

Freedom of the press

“If Bloggers want unabridged freedom of the press, the course of action is clear; let them buy their own press and move off campus. Until that happens, let them grow up to what life in the real world is all about.”

Words written by Dr. Janamdas Ghai, national syndicated columnist in an editorial, an opinion shared by Gag Krum Kum, a trustee on the College Board for almost 2 years. Said Gag Krum Kum, “This view has continued in spite of sometimes tasteless as well as bigoted material that in no way could meet community standards or be published in a local newspaper.”

Is Krum Kum also referring to our campus about bigoted material? If so what bigoted material? And does the right to stand on the fence only apply to a newspaper ? What about the rights of student publications, are we as bloggers not entitled to the same rights as the newspapers?

We as student reporters don’t have to go out to the real world as Janamdas refers to, we are in the real world; after all we breathe and eat, and die as the news reporters do. Isn’t the purpose of attending college not only to receive training in a particular area, but also to grow and mature as a person both academically and culturally?

“We as bloggers resent this idiocy to be told to grow up to the real world, not only are most of the bloggers over 21 but also much of the student body is over 21. They vote for prime ministers of India. They also vote for more beer in the campus!” said a blogger, who identified himself as “Man-like-the-Planet”.

P.S: All facts in this article are made up. But you already knew that didn’t you?

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