Two Main Reasons Why Most People Fail To Make Money With Internet Affiliate Marketing

You have probably heard this from the internet guru’s before or somebody aspiring to be the next guru online. They will tell someone who wants to be the next internet affiliate super star to find a niche that you have a lot of knowledge on, or build a website or blog around something that you are passionate about.

What these guru’s do not know is that they have actually contributed to setting up these future entrepreneurs for complete failure. Many of these hungry new affiliates will start off with high expectations only to be let down with results that don’t meet their goals. Just following your passions is ultimately the start of what could be a very unsuccessful attempt to make money with internet affiliate marketing.

What you need to really understand is that there exist two easy to understand, yet very important things that you need to know about and base your business model on if you want to make money on the internet. One is having a massive demand and the other is having traffic that is valuable or in other words traffic that is made up of buyers.

What I am trying to tell you is that although you may be passionate about the $25 book you wrote about how to build model flying saucers, you are not going to make a fortune from it. The demand for this is not there. Yeah you might have a couple of searches found on Google everyday on the topic, but it would be near impossible to make even a couple of hundred dollars a month from ebook sales.

It is also going to be very difficult to get rich by creating websites or blogs on topics that seem very popular like funny videos, comedy, gossip and music. In order to truly profit from the different ways to monetize your website like Adsense, CPA, Clickbank and banners, you have to seriously build up visitors in the millions per month just to make a couple of thousand dollars

Demand for these markets are extremely huge, but value of the visitor is very low.

What you have to do if you truly want to make it online as an internet affiliate marketer is get yourself in front of a market with lots of demand and also where the visitors are considered very valuable. You have to go out and get traffic to your site that really wants to make a purchase. If you set up your business like this, only divine intervention will stop you from seeing success.

There are people in internet affiliate marketing out there that literally make thousands of dollars every day by simply advertising one single product in a very hot market.

It is not uncommon online for vendors in certain markets to sell thousands of units daily or more. This is due to the fact that digital products have absolutely no overhead or shipping cost.

It all comes back to getting into a market with a ton of demand. When you find this valuable market, it really takes no effort in trying to make money off of visitors compared to fighting to make money as an internet entrepreneur with something you have a passion for.

Demand and traffic that buys are the two factors that divide the 95% of marketers who fail to ever see a dime online, or just get trickles of cash every other month from their affiliate marketing efforts. The big secret is that you just need to sell what people are buying already.

Now it is ultimately up to you and it is time for you to take action. Are you right now finding yourself in markets that have massive demand and buying traffic? Or maybe you are still trying to squeeze out a few dollars from something that you have knowledge or passion about?

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