Shoot this one

Don’t worry I am talking about photo shoots and not the gun shoots.This one is just an add up to the technologically informative posts I have written before.This one is on camera and what are the features you need to see when you are really interested in possessing a good one.

Story which promoted me to know about important determinants of quality of camera is my own.I gave one camera to my sister to get my snaps clicked during my rasgarba performance in keli’s night previous Saturday.That was not an ordinary camera but a high quality Panasonic one with 12x zoom and so I was quite confident of getting good snaps even for the distance which didn’t happen eventually.

The major deciders of good quality photos are shutter speed of camera, quality of lens and of course zoom in capacity.While the latter two were too good the first one was not so in mine.Shutter speed is basically concerned with when you want to steal a still from a fast moving object as was the case in my dance.And in this respect Fuji film cameras are superior most as of my knowledge.Quality of lens is good without any doubt in all well known ones like Sony Panasonic and Fuji.Zoom in capacity is dependant on pixels(number of dots by which the whole frame is formed).More the number of pixels more clear will be your zoomed in still.

Though my sister missed a part of my dance in taking waste still, the incidence ultimately proved to be knowledge enhancer

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