True Love – A Poem by Prayas Mittal

True love - a poem by prayas mittal 1

My love is true, I can prove it,

Say me anything, I will do it.

Your face is my life, and my life is yours,

Why don’t you understand, I want to be yours.

I know you hate, the reason I know,

Your face in my heart, acts like fire and snow.

The first time I saw you, my life got halt,

Telling me to walk, with you, that I want.

My life is beyond, and also is demanding,

The demand is you, my eyes are crying.

Punish me I say, I will do for you,

But don’t say lie, I will die for you.

My trust for you, is more than ever,

Please understand me, I will hurt you never.

Talk to me, I care for you,

You are my life, hurt me, but I will still miss you.

About the Author: Prayas Mittal is a budding poet from Dewas, Madhya Pradesh. You can read more of his poetry at The World of Poetry.

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