Trapped by Kabir Jain

There exists a world. A different world from what your senses can perceive. Silence surrounds it. Thoughts come and go like the millions of passengers that commute unconcerned of their being. Every action is controlled. Every reaction is almost purported to balance. You loose the connect with the outside world. You get lost in this world. Where emotions and pain decide the weather of the moment. You create this world. You even have numerous ways to enter it. The more you think, the deeper you go. The deeper you go the more you crave for this world. trapped

What you created now becomes your need. You go farther and farther. You severe almost everything that keeps you from plunging into this world. Like a maze one question leads to another. But the answers just don’t fit in. You are helpless. A shaky world but a necessity nevertheless. You fail to feel about people and events. Your responses become flat. You are oblivious to shocks and expectations.

This world makes you blind to what others call reality. Because this takes you into its own existential realism. You reach out to speak but piercing silence numbs your voice. You want them to know but how can they? For they will never be able to see the action executed so evidently by you.

You are in a state of temporary coma. You are trapped for an ephemeral yet eternal time.

Kabir JainAbout the Poet: Kabir Jain is currently pursuing a 5 year Integrated Programme in Management from IIM, Indore. He’s 18 years old and penning down thoughts is a medium of venting out his emotions and a way of perceiving the happenings around the world.

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