Top Tips for Cleaning Your Mattress for Healthy Sleeping

A very important aspect of health hygiene is keeping your mattress clean.

A very important aspect of health hygiene is keeping your mattress and carpets clean. This is simply because your sweat, flakes of dead skin, dandruff, dust mites, pollen, and even dust can penetrate through the sheets and covers of the mattress, where they accumulate and give rise to various health hazards.

Some tips for cleaning your mattress provided by Zerorez Austin Carpet Cleaning:

Vacuum Clean Your Mattress Regularly

Every three months or so,strip your mattress bare and vacuum clean the mattress thoroughly with the upholstery cleaning attachment. Be sure to press firmly on the mattress to be able to suck up all the dust and dirt from even deep down. Be sure to flip the mattress over and vacuum the other side too and remember to clean all the sides too. Use the crevice cleaning tool to clean the seams where a lot of dirt usually collects.

Rotate the Mattress

When you are cleaning the mattress, take the opportunity of removing it altogether from the bed and wipe down the bed frame and the box springs. If your mattress can be used to sleep on both the sides, you should flip it over and use the other side for the next few months. Flipping reduces the formation of lumps and wallows that can weaken the surface of the mattress and over time make sleeping very uncomfortable. Unfortunately, most modern mattress construction dictates that there is only one sleeping surface so you can’t flip them. Read Memory Foam Talk to learn more about modern mattress construction.

Air the Mattress

If you have the opportunity, you should bring out the mattress for airing outside and expose it for a few hours to direct sunlight. By doing so you will be able to dry out all the moisture that the mattress tends to accumulate while indoors and eliminate the various bacteria that cause allergies with the help of the UV radiation in sunlight. If you are living in a place where it is not feasible to drag out the mattress on to the terrace, roof or balcony, the next best thing is to open all the windows of the room and let in the air and light on a sunny day.

Remove Stains from the Mattress

Over time, mattresses tend to collect a variety of stains, including that of urine and food, which can make it filthy and unhygienic. These stains are best removed with a soap solution in which hydrogen peroxide and baking soda have been mixed. Dab the solution on the stain, rub gently and blot dry with a clean cloth. Alternatively, you can use a paste of salt and lemon juice; just leave it for an hour on the stain and wipe dry the residue. After cleaning the stains, sprinkle baking soda all over and let the mattress air for a few hours before vacuuming it.


Keeping your mattress as clean as possible is extremely desirable because we spend averagely a third of our lives on it. Not only does proper cleaning help to extend the life of the mattress but also it keeps us healthier.

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