To be loved – Guest post by Raspal Singh

Love, an amazing feeling, a concoction of emotions, which make an adrenaline rush in your body on seeing the person you like or say, love. It is not just an emoticon found in the chat boxes of various websites, but it’s a feeling of caring for someone, making no excuses, nudging boundaries to fit in the ‘special-one’. It is not a one-night-stand but a standing by which needs to be around even at the middle of a night.

Love, though a complicated concept than one appearing for CAT or GMAT, is a mood of goodness. If you’re in love, no doubt the amount of effort you must have put in from your side to make it work or to make it run, today is the day to express it more, with some more gumption and affection. It all requires an occasion to set things right. It’s more than a bouquet, yet a rose would do, it’s more than an occasion, yet a little of your time would do. So it’s time to you call your sexy lady or your handsome guy, for a wish to be loved.


Love, a feeling, when I hold her hand,

Close to her, the magic around, like one done by a wand..

Your eyes, like the new red wine….

Your lips, on it, like the nectar divine…

Your nose, cute and nice… My nose chases it, like the cat chasing mice..

You hair so smooth, sexy and stylish.. You turn me on oh girl hot, like the hot coffee Irish..

Your smile, exciting yet docile..

Ahh.. I feel like, going out with you, and walk for a mile., and never return, get into an exile…

Your hand in mind, resting you on my shoulder, we walk a little more, till the night gets colder.

You make me feel good, you make the time bound, Cant you wait a little more, till the my hug melts down, till the mighty sun shows..


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