Tips for looking your best during pregnancy

Your mom’s maternity wardrobe may have been limited to shapeless muumuus and tent dresses when she was pregnant, but thankfully, maternity fashion has evolved over the years to recognize the beauty of a pregnant women‘s voluptuous curves and blossoming belly. To make the most of your new shape, consider the following suggestions:

Build a Foundation
Look for pieces that you can take from casual to dressed up, and splurge on really versatile items such as black trousers and a great pair of jeans. For example, bootcut black pants can be worn with classic loafers for a casual weekend or with low heels at the office. Add a classic sweater set, an a-line skirt that falls just above your knee, and a simple dress to round out your wardrobe. Stock up on trendy, less expensive items such as colorful, fitted tees that can be worn with jeans, khakis, under jackets, or layered with sweaters.

Better in Basics
Invest in different pieces of the same color so everything matches. This will make coordinating and pulling different pieces together for a brand new outfit a snap. Black is always a versatile, flattering choice.

Add a Touch of Color
If you want a bit of color to make your outfit pop, tie a bright sweater around your shoulders or wear a favorite blazer or jacket unbuttoned. This is also a great way to get use out of your pre-pregnancy clothing.

Layer for Cool Comfort
You’ll be pregnant through roughly three seasons, so get the most from your wardrobe by buying pieces you can layer, such as camisoles, fitted tees, cardigan sweaters, and light jackets. Layering will also help keep you cool if you find that pregnancy has increased your internal temperature and you’re constantly too warm. Choose breathable fabrics such as cotton, viscose, and matte jersey to keep you cool and comfortable all nine months.

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