Time for Change!

Is it really the time for change. This is what all of us are asking ourselves. Is it going to be a battle between NaMo and RG or is Mr Arvind kejriwal in for a bigger role in Indian political scenario. For those of us who are still unaware, let me clarify the scenario.Mr Kejriwal struck the chord with urban, semi –urban and downtrodden voters to upset a Modi wave earning accolades and eventually power in the capital union territory of Delhi. In this quest he also defeated ex Delhi CM Mrs. Sheila Dikshit by over 20000 votes. BJP still managed to get a lion’s share of seats but it was Kejriwal and his fanatics that helped him and his AAP conquer Delhi with an outside “issue based support ” by Congress that was already reduced to a minority in Delhi.

Buoyed by latest victory, the AAP decided to field its candidates in the coming Lok Sabha general elections and there is definitely a divide in the minds of voters. Let us just mute irrelevant issues like VIP security and a VIP bungalow. For all that matters to us is development. Let us make more sense here. Political class cannot divert our attention from the real issues. And the issues are slumping economy, unemployment, internal and external security, poverty, corruption and poor health care. While Congress still banks on the age old love for Gandhi family, BJP sees its hopes in NaMo. And Kejriwal is still to find foot in in national polity. With almost three months to go, we still do not have a clear cut election manifesto. We need clear cut manifesto on which AAP wants to rule the country.

The last thing we want is a fractured mandate again and a weak center. While AAP still needs to spread its foot in rural areas, it surely has to sort out its problems within and outside. It surely needs to understand that we are a fast moving nation now. Populist measures like staging a dharna may not work and go down well with people all the time.

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