Think before you talk

Think before you talk

Decisions, decisions and more decisions. We are always making them. Lately several situations at work have made me stop and think about the way many of us make decisions. Sometimes people tend to make fast and unjust decisions that often hurt other people. We make choices and decisions because most of the time one is thinking of what is convenient for oneself. We often forget about how they affect the people we work with or how they feel about these decisions.

We must try to understand that we are all human and far from perfect. When things go wrong we overreact and then respond without thinking. I say this because last week my boss decided he was going to “replace ” one of the members of what we call at work our crew.” He came to this decision very abruptly after a very rough day when everything had been going wrong. He was under a lot of pressure and so were the people who he works with. My boss’s reasons for firing her, although she is very knowledgeable in her field and he (meaning my boss) has often gone to her for advise and help, now feels that she is incompetent and inexperienced in other aspects of her job. I think that my boss should have thought about this when he hired her for that position.

I think we don’t consider others when making our decisions. We have to remember that we are not the only ones who have problems. Just as my boss complains about what in his opinion are errors made by an employeee who I dare to say is as qualified if not more than he, she too could complain about the errors he makes. He considers something an error for example when she has to order something from one of our distributors that he has not ordered. He may feel that the product is not needed but lo and behold whenever he is not around it is always needed.

My boss also complains that there is not enough communication between this lady and himself. How can there be any if he does not make an effort to talk and discuss the “errors.”

Things can’t always go our way, if they did, things would get kind of boring and monotonous. You have to learn to accept that in life because you are going to run into people who know more than ourselves. It’s a fact of life. The only thing you can do is try to keep up with the latest developments in the field your work ” No matter how much you try there will always be someone who is going to know more than you.

We can’t make decisions or judgement about people on the spur of the moment We have to make an effort to stop and think about the consequences of our decision. You may be making a big mistake. The choice you make can backfire on you and hurt you and other people who have nothing to do with your problems.

When you make decisions try to be calm and above all be honest and don’t lie to yourself. If you are wrong try to accept it without making life miserable for everyone else and if you’re right do the same. Yes, I know, its hard to stop and think when you’re upset but you have to try , so that you don’t hurt yourself and others, who knows, the decision you make may be one that opens new doors to you and turns out to be more favorable than you expected for everybody.


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