Who belongs to Manipal?

  • If you bought Orange Bajal for Rs. 3 then you belong here
  • If you had to take an ice cold shower in monsoon season..you belong here..
  • If you have seen a “Sex-Comedy” in a movie theater you belong here…
  • If you still show your friends KMC SALUTE!.. god help.. u belong here..
  • If Old Monk and Koday’s were your bestfriends.. then ThumbsUp boss.. you belong here..
  • If you ever ate in the hostel canteen at 2:30am and found ant/mosquito/fly/or a frog in your food, and it didn’t bother you cuz you were soo drunk… then you belong here…
  • If you ever placed the bowl of biryani in a plate and flipped it over… then lol… u belong here…
  • If some said “hey freshie, acting smart eh” to you .. then you belong here…
  • If majority of your friends are in Malaysia, then you definitely belong here…
  • If you never touched a TextBook ..don’t feel ashamed.. that just means.. you BELONG here..
  • If you still haven’t passed your qualifying exams… then you belong here…
  • If you’re no good classmate who got drunk every weekend and got high before every meal is a cardiologist, Yes, wipe your tears, you belong here…
  • If you ever felt proud that you had a “Local” friend, then you belong here… “local macha”
  • If you still giggle when you say MIT and explain to your friends that it means Manipal Institute of Technology.. Do I have to say it.. ya, you belong here..
  • If you sucked Urine from a Pippette.. ur disgusting.. WE belong here..
  • If reminiscing about Manipal days give’s you “mixed” feelings.. then you belong here..
  • If you ever wondered why Owners of Dollops are still Single… then you belong here..
  • If you feel that when someone says “Casual” they are still referring to you.. then you need counseling.. but you still belong here..
  • If you took your first date to Shantala, Shangrila or Iceland.. what do you think.. YES, you belong here..
  • If you ever wondered why there was a Chinese guy in the lead role in the Manipal video.. then you belong here..
  • If you ever bought a shirt/t-shirt from the stand behind dollops movie theater for 45rs or less and thought no one will ever find out.. then you belong here..
  • If you feel you have a lot in common with a Malaysian tourist that you just met than you your cousins.. then order a NassiLemah Lah.. you belong here..
  • If you eaten in AFB, and know what that means.. ur old now .. but you belong here before we did..
  • If you ever used the stethoscope as an accessory on your overall outfit for that day.. then you belong here..
  • If you first kiss/sexual experience was in Greens/tracks/end point/ or basketball steps.. then you belong here..
  • If you had a friend who never been outside India but had a heavy accent.. dude.. u belong here man!
  • If you ever dreaded physiology practical class cuz you had to voluntarily draw blood by repeatedly pricking yourself with a sharp object..and wondered what hell is the point of this torture.. you belong here..
  • If gossiping was you extracurricular activity.. yes.. you and your fat friends belong here..
  • If your first experience looking at the Female genitals/Male genitals was on the cadaver in dissection lab.. oh lord.. u belongs here..
  • If you ever waited in front of a girls hostel in pouring rain..you watched too many hindi movies Salman Khan.. you belong here..
  • If you ever had a birthday party on Sonia block steps you belong here..
  • If you ever ate the greasy friend chicken with “finger chips” in PRAKS just because you enjoyed watching the many crows, cats and the three legged dog fight for your left over food.. then you belong in a mental asylum.. this is right here!.
  • If you ever blushed every time you spell check “Kasturba”.. “Masturbate” appears..and wondered what? how? ..then you belong here..
  • If any of these words ring a bell.. then you are in the right place.. Sphynx, Lakeview, Rain Dance, Parkala, Karkala, Hangyos, LX Brasserie, Mangalore, Malpe Beach, Pot Shots (pool tables), Downtown, Nehru Block, Wild Rain, Decks and Drums, Hotel Green Park, Valley View, Janani Lodge, Kaup Beach, Turtle Beach, Kudremukh, Jog Falls, TC, Iceland, Baccus Inn, Bioscope, Movie Dome, Shanthala, Hotel Shangi-La, Golden Jubilee Hall, LOL…….. I could sit here 4 ever typing these names… Lord Krishna Bank, Endless Point, Peacock Point, Joe’s Mess, SI’s, Karavally’s Tastybite’s, JMJ Pool Hall, Kudagi Flats, Kini’s store, Shackpoint, Snack Shack… ok come back..

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