As i face a Reality.

“I avoided that path yet again,

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It seemed like a day before, when i was walking with THAT one person, on that path, and with every small step we took, i kept leaving behind my worries. It was just yesterday, when I shared my joy with her. It felt like a day after i had time of my life. Every small thing on that path, could remind me of her.

I avoided that path.

Because that path cannot be crossed alone anymore, my shadow isn’t all I need to walk with, that breeze cannot fly away my pain, that diamond studded sky cannot make it a beautiful night, and those songs cannot drive away my loneliness,”

As I tried to read the pain inside a Heart, which had nothing to say, waiting to re live those moments again,..

I couldn’t say anything,I had lived it too. It is so difficult to imagine a life, where everything just changes drastically,.

I know how your own shadow keeps haunting you, how your deepest secrets remain buried deep inside you, kill you every second, and you want to create those memories again, or have such memories once.

I can only pray that you never see any day which makes you feel alone, n you feel your life getting sucked up by those daemons of hollowness, and loneliness.. I cannot help you walk that path , my friend. But I can promise to offer a substitute one until you are LIVING your life again.

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