The Value of Adding Videos to Your Website

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Let me start by stating that videos hold our attention: even when sometimes we don’t want them to! The most popular social media apps like TikTok, YouTube, and Instagram are a testament to this. They have incredible reach, and we can even see how we’re enchanted by them from a very young age. For this reason alone, it’s a valuable asset for any website to include at least one video.

This could be an explainer video, a highlight reel, a corporate video singapore, an informative talking heads-type video, or whatever format you like; it all benefits the customer’s experience, audience retention, search ranking, and many more reasons that we’ll look into within this article.

Videos Boost Your Business

An explainer video, which would apply to most businesses, is a fantastic opportunity to provide information on the exact nature of your business. A lot of websites can take some digging to find out relevant information for the customer, and a quick explainer video could provide an easy solution.

Your website provides the customer with as much information as you want to share, so you can tailor it as you want but it doesn’t just have to be a website in terms of text and images. Featuring videos is a great way to publicize exactly what you want to share in an engaging and informative way. Having at least one video can help the website, not just for the customer’s benefit.

Search engines also value the use of videos within a website. They will crawl your website and place extra value on the use of videos, as not only are they good indicators of dwell time on a site but they also show more effort has been put into making the site as multimedia-rich as possible. So if the search engines are placing more value on your site, it also means that you’ll be shown higher up the search results page which translates to more website traffic.

The great benefit for your business is that it can show exactly what you want it to, whether that’s information, telling an emotional story, or just highlighting your past work. Whatever the content, it will benefit the audience/ customer in many ways; at its most basic, product promotional videos will give your audience a sense of the company and hopefully something that makes it more appealing to buy into.

What Type of Videos Work for Me?

A one-minute video can deliver so much more regarding brand identity than text or images can. But the question is what kind of video to use on your homepage, for instance? This will, of course, depend on the exact nature of your business, but a lot can benefit from the simple explainer video, as I mentioned at the beginning. For example, if your company manufactures or produces products of some sort, a film that follows and explains the production method can transmit the brand’s message and see how it works. You can consult with a reputed Seattle video production company to know what kind of videos will work best for your business.

Whatever video you choose, featuring employees, really helps in making the abstract idea of a company or brand into something more human and, therefore, accessible. It’s the same reasoning behind having your headshots up on the ‘about us’ page; it puts friendly faces to the company name, encouraging people to trust and engage with the brand.

Having said that, not everyone can hold the camera’s attention which can detract from the overall message. If you’d rather not have a representative speak or present in front of the camera, an explainer video could just be that you feature people working at their job while someone does a voice-over. Animation might be the answer, and although it doesn’t feature personnel, producing an animation is often much more affordable than hiring a video production crew.

There are plenty of formats to explore that will fit into your company story and how best to tell it. It’s always best to contact a video production company to ask what services they can offer that suit your needs.

Having a video is also so versatile because it will reside on your website and can be used across all other social media outlets to further your brand’s message. It’s repurposable and is a permanent example of your brand/ work until you no longer want it to serve as such.

Track the Impact

After creating the video, you’ll probably want to see precisely how effective it is in terms of people clicking and watching it, which is easy enough to do. Whether you’re using WordPress or an HTML site, you can use various google analytics services (tag manager, universal analytics code, and more) to track various stats such as watch time, the number of clicks, and others depending on your tracking preferences.

Another wonderful thing about featuring video content on your site is that it doesn’t need to be hosted by you. Embedding the video from other areas, such as Vimeo or Youtube, means your website isn’t slowed down by hosting the video clip. This also means that you have another platform where the video is visible! So it’s a win-win. Video content is king, and it’s certainly not slowing down any time soon, so it’s worth investigating whether some promotional video applies to your business.

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