The Sweet Taste of Revenge – Neha Nambiar


The sun was at its mighty best, I had to do it now,

For all those times he lied to me, for all the lies of love.

My hair was bouncing with every step I took, anticipating the events to take place,

I was going to do it today, and leave not a trace.

A tiny smile disturbed my otherwise straight face,

And there he stood with her, locked in a tight embrace.

I remained unnoticed, she was far more beautiful,

He couldn’t get her eyes off her,

And why wouldn’t he? Her clothes elevated above a decent hemline,

That made her all the more attractive, I’m sure.

His hands wrapped around her small waist, accentuated by her clothes,

The dramatic curves and the radiant curls, in midair, it seemed to float.

I didn’t want to do anything childish, anything that would land me in jail,

I was going to do this slyly, without leaving a trail.

Trail reminds me of the time, he held my hand and we ran away,

He told me we would survive and love would find a way.

Trail reminds me of the pseudo wedding dress I wore,

As we exchanged vows at the seashore.


I waited as she entered the restaurant and sat down to eat,

He held her hand, the way he held mine, but something this seemed more “sweet”.

I sat on a table nearby with his back turned to me, arched in pure lust,

She was even more beautiful in person, her beauty is what burned US.

I transferred all the property and all his money onto my name,

That was the first part of this unbeatable game.

The card he’s going to be paying this meal for is currently empty,

And when he comes back home tonight, he’ll not even see the house or me.

The locks have been changed, I’ve erased him out, there’s just one last thing to do,

He’s allergic to peanuts, his epinephrine shot not on him. That’s with me too.

The order arrived, I tipped the waiter beforehand, apparently being cheated on is a reason good enough,

He put a spoon into his mouth and it started with a cough.

He choked, and dropped to the floor in an anaphylactic shock, it hurt, but I had to watch this,

The mistake was never mine, it was his.

I jumped from where I sat, and ran towards him, with the injection in my hand,

I was going to be his savior, I was the fairy with the wand.

I let him watch me stab him, and save him, knowing that he had to live with the guilt or die,

It was a choice of peaceful death or resentful life- why?

It took him a while to recover, he sat up on the chair. He looked at me, and took my hand,

And I just pushed it away.

Ann, his new girlfriend, also newly single, victim to a cheating relationship,

Was also my best friend from school, who I bumped into on a shopping trip.

She supported me every step of the way, played along with my plan,

We stood up, smiled at each other, and left the unfaithful man.


The “blame games” and the lies were getting too old.

Revenge is sweet and not fattening,  A dish best served cold.

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