The Pleasures of Retiring in Portland

If you want to retire in the kind of place that offers you the hustle and bustle of the big city and can still retain the charm of a small town, Portland in Oregon will probably be just right for you. The city is approximately 70 miles away from the Pacific and will provide you with the unique environment of clear streams and luxuriant greenery.

While this may not seem particularly exceptional in itself, it isn’t often that you would find this kind of environment in a city. There are a number of attractions in Portland, including a historic old quarter, museums and galleries on the one hand and a Waterfront Park and Saturday Market on the other. All of these features have drawn a large number of visitors to the city.

Apart from all this, living in Portland, you will be just a short distance away from wineries located in the valley. It may surprise you that while you are within easy reach of the beaches, you can also make it to Timberline Lodge if you are a skiing enthusiast. Doesn’t that sound like fun!

It’s beginning to sound interesting, isn’t it? But guess what – that’s not all. There is much, much more to Portland than you probably realized. Would you believe that after everything you’ve heard so far, Portland also has a profusion of parks, more than 240 to be precise. There are the South Park Blocks in downtown Portland, Washington Park and Forest Park. Forest Park is well known as the largest area of wilderness anywhere in the United States.

There are intriguing contrasts in Portland too. Against the vast expanse of Forest Park that covers more than 5,000 acres, is the tiny Mills End Park. It should hardly surprise you that such an extensive layout of parks offers plenty of scope for leisure and recreation for people of all ages.

Portland has a highly developed transport system. The system covers buses and an urban light rail system called MAX. In addition there is a downtown transit mall and Fareless Square, the unique free ride zone, also in downtown Portland. If you are fond of walking you will love Portland, as you can wander through nearly 50 miles of trails in Forest Park alone. Apart from the parks that have already been mentioned, there are also lots of bridges and fountains that make casual strolls delightful.

The city also has characteristically short blocks, which are convenient for people who enjoy walking. Take a walking tour in the downtown area and you’ll get to see the best of the city’s art and architecture.

There’s also a vibrant nightlife in Portland, with several local pubs and comedy clubs. If you’re keen on cultural pursuits, you can visit the art galleries in the Pearl district. You can also have your fill of Broadway musicals, Shakespeare, modern dance, ballet and plenty more besides.

If you’re a sporting enthusiast, you’ll be happy to know that Portland is the home base of the Trailblazers basketball team. The city also has plenty to offer lovers of hockey and baseball. The location and lifestyle of Portland will make it a city to remember.

There’s one small catch though. The cost of housing in Portland is fairly high and has been going up, with average prices rising by about 15% to an average of nearly $ 283,000 in 2005, up from $ 246,000 in 2004. But considering the diversity of life in Portland and all that it has to offer you, you could say you are getting a pretty good deal. Apart from new homes, there are also many condominiums on offer. Residential properties include homes for single families, town homes and multiple family units.

So it’s time to weigh the pros and cons and decide if Portland will suit you as a destination to retire in. It may cost you, but you can be sure with all the attractions that Portland has in store for you, it’ll be worth every cent!

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