The Perfect Way to Shampoo your Hair


There’s a procedure you can follow to avoid breaking your hair strands while shampooing. Here’s how.

• Thoroughly drench the hair for 30-60 seconds before you apply shampoo – you will need less products, washing after shampooing will be easier on the hair. Rub a little shampoo between the palms of your hands before soothing it over the surface of the hair.

• Gently massage the head, but do not rough up the hair or pull long hair up onto the scalp- it will only cause tangles. Long hair will be cleansed as the shampoo washes out with the water.

• When massaging the shampoo, use fingers, not the palms of your hands. This helps stimulate the scalp and stops you from roughing up the cuticles.

• Rinse, rinse and rinse again. Poor rinsing results in dull hair and a flaky scalp, caused by dry soap flakes. Finish with ice cold rinse.

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