How to Get Ready for Your Chernobyl Trip?

planning a chernobyl trip

If you are right about booking a Chernobyl trip, you certainly have lots of questions about it. These questions may concern the tour itself as well as the steps of preparation for it. Read on to find out standard recommendations on how to make your trip safe and exciting.

Chernobyl is that very place, which has been talked about for over 34 years. The tragedy at the Nuclear Power Station that took place on April 26, 1986, changed the world forever. It has affected the lives of millions of people across the globe, while its aftereffects are observed till nowadays. There are many articles, interviews, TV series, and documentaries about the disaster.

They help new generations find out the facts and the details of that tragic day that will stay in the memory of mankind forever. That is exactly why many people from Ukraine and from abroad have the desire to visit Chernobyl and to see the places they have heard so much about with their own eyes.

How to Get Ready for Your Chernobyl Trip

The very first thing you should realize when planning your Chernobyl visit is that choosing a trusted agency that specializes in the organization of such excursions is not a whim, but a must. Such agencies have the firsthand knowledge of how to make these trips not only interesting and informative, but also safe. This is the most crucial factor, when it comes to trips to Chernobyl.

Professional agencies are certified to hold such tours and they will provide you will all the required information you might be interested in. They also choose only safe routes that let you explore the locations in the Exclusion zone without putting yourself at risk. Finally, they use special devices to measure and control the radiation level during the trip to ensure maximum safety. These are the major precautions to follow to get the best experience ever.

When dealing with a travel agency, you will have an opportunity to choose from several types of excursions. In most cases, tourists are offered to pick either a one-day tour or a two-day excursion. They differ not only in duration, but also in the routes and special services included. Additionally, travel agencies let you select either an individual Chernobyl trip or a group one. You will be notified about the meeting place, the things you are recommended to take along and other crucial info you might be interested in. prypiat visit during chernobyl trip

According to some estimates, more than 10 thousand tourists visit the place every year and this number keeps increasing. Among the must-have rules, it makes sense to mention the age of a tourist and some of the things you should have to be allowed to book a Chernobyl day trip. The thing is that a tourist should be not less than 18 years old to be allowed to pay a visit to this unusual place. Kids are not allowed to be included in the groups.

It is also required to have a passport with you and to wear long-sleeved clothes and shoes, irrespective of the season and weather.

To be included in the group or to book an individual excursion, all the agencies prepare the documents well in advance to set the best date and time that comes up to the needs and requirements of all the tourists. As to the Chernobyl trip price, it varies with regard to the type of tour you choose and the services provided.

Generally, the cost of the excursion encompasses the transfer, guide services, insurance, and some other issues depending upon the trip you choose. Additionally, you may order a meal and even rent the device to measure the level of radiation independently. This may also contribute to your Chernobyl trip experience, which, however, will certainly be unique and intriguing!

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