The MIT Hostels – Which one is best?

A snap of the 14th, 15th, 16th and 17th blocks from the MIT Food Court.

For any fresher coming to Manipal Institute of Technology, Manipal, Karnataka, among the first questions to come to mind is which among the hostels is the best. Now we do not know which ones the girls prefer, but we did a poll on our Facebook page sometime back and we found an interesting response.

Bur first which are the hostels that the Freshers of MIT, Manipal get?

The answer is 5th Block, 6th Block, 15th Block and 16th Block.  Those are for the boys. For the girls you get 1st block, 2nd Block, 11th Block and 12th Block MIT, Manipal Hostels.

MIT Manipal, Freshers Boys Hostels

Now most of the seniors will tell you that the 5th Blockis to be avoided as it is having common bathrooms and toilets and the life in there is a typical hostel life. However it does have its own benefits in that it’s closer to your classrooms and also you do not have to strain yourself climbing uphill or such.

The mit hostels - which one is best? 1
            A Snap Of The 14Th, 15Th, 16Th And 17Th Blocks From The Mit Food Court.                                                                          Source: Some Other Mit Manipal Hostel Photos

15th Block on the other hand even though a little bit farther up the hill, has AC and Non-AC rooms with attached bathrooms and toilets. It is in prime location among the three with a gentle manageable slope leading to the college and food court. It is also quite close to the sport facilities such as the swimming pool and the cricket ground. In addition, it is closer to the convenience stores among the three hostel blocks reserved for MIT, Manipal Freshers. This block also boasts of very good Wi-Fi connectivity in all its rooms, good access to the rooms through double lifts in the basement, peaceful environs and surroundings. Among the negatives are the dark rooms and corridors which may be depressing to some and also the lack of good scenery from the rooms. (the higher floors are better in this aspect).

Finally the 16th Block – Easily the most well built among the three, this one has wide hallways, larger rooms and good natural light. It also provides a good scenic view of the valley and in October – January you may feel that you are living in a hill station. However it has a major drawback in that you will have to walk up a steep incline to reach the food court – very tiring in the sticky Manipal weather as well as a treacherous problem in the heavy rains! In addition, the Wi-Fi connectivity is among the worst in the campus. Add to that the construction activity around this block and the fact that it is completely Non-AC with just one elevator and this one is never a favorite.

So which one of the three should a fresher apply for? The answer is the 15th Block.


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  1. Very Misleading Article.
    Firstly In MIT the Wifi Connectivity is Only Propotional to Proximity Of the room to the router and nothing else.Secondly Spacious Room in 16th eh?
    Well 50% OF 16th is SCD(Single Converted Double)

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