The Metal Bars of Destiny by Skanda N

bars of destiny

I Bring you into this world; time five fifteen
Sky shaded orange tangerines
As blue impregnates the white
Strings entangle
Everlasting victory is my destiny
And you are the one to materialize
said the prophecy.

But you were another failure and I cried
My pristine lakes of happiness dried
It’s your destiny they said
We are puppets not puppeteers they cried
So here I am caged in the metal bars of destiny
Just like you and our ancestors
But I feel safe behind them
Because I don’t need to own up
to my life’s choices or its outcomes.

Alas , I’m not a domesticated duck
I’m a swan and I will flap these wings
Even if they get damaged
For I will be free
Master of my own life
Maker of my own choices
And a loving father of their outcomes

So here’s my baby
Here are my wings
Here is my poem.

Poets note:

In the life of an artist comes a time when his work is not appreciated. To give up is not an option even if your work may not be as appealing as you hoped to show it to the world be proud as a work of an artist is like his /her own child.

Others opinions may matter to a certain extent but art is a way we express ourselves. Be proud of your expression.  Don’t be afraid to dig deep into your heart as an art which comes from the artist’s heart with those authentic feelings inside is what moves people in the end.

Skanda NAbout the Poet: Skanda N is a second-year PharmD student at the Manipal College of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Manipal University. He hails from Bangalore and can be contacted via his Instagram handle @skandy_crush.


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