The Lowdown on Office Romance: Keeping Low-Key in the Workplace

I’ve always imagined that getting into a relationship with a co-worker meant getting naughty in the lift, getting snogged in a cubicle, doing the dirty in some dark corner in the building. It builds up excitement, it’s refreshing, but it’s also not as glamorous as I’ve always imagined it to be. Apparently, hormones die down after college.

You get a little fresh and racy; with your hand under the table, and you get slapped on the wrist. Another danger of having an office romance is that you can be sure that everyone’s going to be talking and everyone’s going to be watching. So far, the worst thing that’s happened was a bunch of people from the other company complained about “certain people” being too PDA – “Public Display of Affection” (how the transition from adjective to verb happened in that sentence, not quite sure.)

Anyhow, so lesson learned. If you’re planning on getting a little playful with the partner, make sure you don’t get caught. Parking lots can be recommendable, but be sure to check for security cameras first. If your building has an “unused” floor, chances are that it’s going to be safe to… become affectionate… there. Just make sure the elevator can reach you, otherwise you might have to take the stairs down to the nearest floor accessible by the lift.

Although on second thought, scrap all that. As my mother puts it “there’s always the right time and the right place for everything.” I’m pretty sure she was referring to something completely other than snogging or making out during that time (give me a break, I was 8 when she started saying this), but the advice works well for this situation as well. Why risk getting reprimanded for indecent behavior in the office?

Wait it out until the end of your shift. A better idea would be to head to the next door building and do it there. After all, no one’s going to recognize you, right?

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