The Lost World – A poem on Manipal by Lovish Uppal

Its July, as the clouds start to hover,
But this time I am gonna miss the incessant shower.
Neither Udupi, nor Mangalore in my flight’s range,
Wonder how life is going to change.

KC is no more the meeting ground,
I am all set to be lost in a crowd.
After dinner, there are no more walks to IC,
My diet now misses the after classes hi tea.

Then library used to symbolize romance,
I wish I could get one more chance,
To live those fests which had ethnic days,
“You must dress in formals” is what I hear these days.Manipal Lost

Holi – Diwali shall never be the same,
As memorable as that photoshoot frame,
IC would become a fashion paradise, Oh , how ecstatic were those shouts and cries.

Office is done, lets cook dinner somehow, No one awaits me at the food court now.
No need to stay up and finish the syllabus,
Writing 6 sessionals used to be a job so enormous.

As I stand outside 13th, no one comes out,
Flashback takes me to a picture of teens at burnout,
They are smiling, as is a couple at end point,
Somehow they will all part from Manipal, at some point

About the poet: Lovish Uppal is an alumnus of Manipal Institute of Technology, Manipal. Photos were clicked by the poet.

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