Fireflies at End Point

The evening I have described in the below narrative happened around March-April 2014. I do not remember the exact date. The reason I am writing about that evening is because it was breathtaking and I wouldn’t be able to forgive myself if I forgot those moments.

My two friends Vikram and Raveen along with me had just returned from a movie and were in no mood to go back to our rooms. We couldn’t decide for a spot to hangout since it was windy and it looked like it would rain soon. We walked towards end point as we discussed the movie and in no time we had reached the End Point gates. The gates were closed since it was past 9 pm so we strolled in a different direction.

After a while we reached a cliff and we were quite surprised that we never found this spot in the past 5 years of Manipalhood. The spot was obviously unexplored and we had to drag rocks from the edge of the cliff in order to sit and chat. The wind had grown stronger and light drizzle had begun.

We realized that we had the clear view of the Arabian Sea in front of us since the lightening bolts fell on the sea in every ten seconds. It was as if the lightening was dancing on the Arabian Sea. We sat there quietly watching the multiple lightening bolts thrash the Sea far away. It was symbolic since a sea of responsibilities lay ahead in front of us. We sat there gazing and pondering. The silence was heavenly.

After a while Raveen started playing music on his phone and we resumed talking. We talked for a long time. Vikram spoke about crazy theories of science that we always love to listen and then Raveen gave us a big lecture on why the Modi era would be beneficial to the country. I honestly have no idea how our conversation shifted to the possibility of dinosaurs appearing in front of us at that very moment.

If that evening was a cake then here comes the icing. From a nearby bush a group of fireflies swarmed out and began to dance around us. It was as if Mother Nature had chosen the three of us and was showing us the beauty that Earth is. Cool breeze, distant thunder, lightening on the Sea and fireflies around us with light music on the background. Vikram got up and trapped a firefly in his palms. On our deathbeds we would be able to proudly say that we had held a live firefly in our hands and by God it glowed. After a minor photo session we let the firefly go and it flew away.fireflies-zoom

After a while we realized that it was almost 1 am and the drizzle has stopped. We walked back in silence still reeling from the mind-blowing experience we had just encountered. We said our goodbyes and returned to our rooms. While drifting off to sleep I heard the rain come back again.

This time it was lashing down.

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