The Life You Save

Seat Belts Save Lives
Seat Belts Save Lives
Seat belts save lives
Seat Belts Save Lives

Many motorists take out the greatest amount of auto insurance possible; yet they overlook the most advantageous but cheapest insurance on the market— seat belts. “Automobile seat belts have been in existence for many years, but only recently have safety officials and experts in India, stressed the warning to motorists about the dangers of high-speed driving. With today’s modern engines and performance features a jump ahead of safety and handling on most Road monsters, a trip to the market can be a true threat. 

“When the average persons first hears the word safety belt, he thinks of race cars and airplanes and shakes off the idea as a needless expense, because “I don’t go that fast, so I don’t need them.” Seat belts weren’t made expressly for those who make speed their business. They were adopted to Insure a margin of safety in every phase of driving and flying.

“When a driver takes a moderate turn at even a low-speed he tends to slide across the seat due to certain forces of nature. If one  isn’t behind the wheel, how can he control the car that he’s driving?

“If he stays in one place without constantly changing positions, he will be more rested after a long drive. This condition can pay off in untangled nerves, more stamina, and perhaps a prevented accident. Just because he installed a seat belt doesn’t mean that a driver can burn up the highway with a new feeling of confidence. “Seat belts won’t save a life unless one continues to drive safely and thinks of the seat belt as an added premium to his insurance. A seat belt will add to the feeling of safety and will increase driving security.”

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