The Fallen Destiny – A Paranormal Romance Story

When committing to Catherine, Joe was aware that both were not destined to stay together. He had already read his destiny. Catherine was a typical girl but Joe had psychic powers. He loved her deeply; he decided to fight for his love against Destiny. He used to do magic spells to keep Catherine safe from the spirits of destiny. For the psychic powers to work well and to please the Spirits of destiny, Joe had to give his blood to them. They became more prone to accidents so that they get separated as destined. They were subjected to evil signals which were scary enough to force them to break up. All their gifts which they gave to each other, used to get burnt up on their own. One night Catherine heard Joe calling her name; she woke up and saw Joe’s dead body. Joe was fine. He told her that when Catherine’s love shall become deeper for him, she will see these evil dreams and sights. They used to get cuts and bruises on their bodies without any accident that were painful. Joe was forced to wake up in the middle of the night to witness a huge dark jungle with all the evil spirits calling out, where he felt powerless. He was continuously being reminded that he should step back.

They were destined to meet, fall in love and break up. Ten years and their unconditional love still holds them together. But the war is still on. Will the spirits of destiny plan everything again? What shall happen to the destinies of the boy who was destined for Catherine and the girl for Joe? Now a discord prevails in the universe. Joe and Catherine have decided to stay together; fighting the destiny for their unconditional love.

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  1. very nice…i must say..very different…
    not like the usual ghost or the vampire stories..

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