The Delights of the Bahamas

What would you think about retiring in the Bahamas? Far fetched? Not at all. Far flung maybe, but sometimes you have to take time to explore new opportunities and often you find yourself coming up with a winner.

Not many places come across as perfect for retirement as the Bahamas. Remember that as a retired person, you’d most probably enjoy peace and quiet, and you can have plenty of that here. But you’d also like to get back together with the family for annual celebrations and get-togethers.

Apart from the scenic beauty of this area and the seclusion that is so important to your peace of mind, you have the reassurance of knowing that you can reach the United States easily whenever you need to. That’s what makes the Bahamas so special.

So when you retire in the Bahamas, there’s no need to feel at all insecure. You could say you’d have the best of both worlds. This is about the only Caribbean destination that offers you the privilege.

Living in the Bahamas, you’ll find a maritime, somewhat tropical climate. You’d have to get accustomed to it to really know how fortunate you are to have it. The temperature could be around 75°F, more or less average for the winter, which lasts from November to March in this region.

It would take you about two hours to reach New York City by jet –where you’d find temperatures somewhere between 15° and 20°F. Now be honest – which would you rather have?

When you are looking for a place to retire, the choice could be rather a difficult one in the Bahamas, because you are looking at a group of 700 islands along with as many as 2,000 smaller islands.

The total area covered by the Bahamas is about 100,000 square miles. So you certainly have no dearth of choices when you’re trying to decide where to settle down. While it isn’t possible to look at all the islands, there are a few that you might want to consider – such as Berry Islands, Cat Islands, Harbor Island, Grand Bahama, Long Island and many, many more – just there for the asking. And each is unique in its own special way. Isn’t that just fascinating!!

When it comes to lifestyle, one of the most important factors is communication and – language. You’ll be happy to know that there is really nothing to worry about, because the people of the Bahamas are perfectly at home with English. This may have something to do with their British influences in their history.

The currency used in the Bahamas is the Bahamian dollar, more or less equivalent in value to the US dollar. Both currencies are used all over the Bahamas.

The region has enjoyed relative peace from a political standpoint, as a parliamentary democracy for about three hundred years. The economy is stable, with low taxes and not much regulation. In fact, the economy of the Bahamas is one of the strongest in this part of the world. Per capita GDP stands at about B$ 12,600.

Now that we’ve got all the critical information out of the way, let’s look at the lighter side of life in the Bahamas. Retired people in the modern world are no longer content to be idle just because their active working lives are over.

So here’s some welcome news for you – if you are game, there is a host of activities to keep you happy and contented. You can take your pick – diving, swimming, fishing, boating, golfing – you name just about anything and you can have it – right around the year too! If you enjoy these activities that sure will perk you up.

While we’re on the subject of how suitable the Bahamas are for retirement, you may be interested to know that the government has been making a considerable effort to draw investors and retired people to the region. These measures have been adopted rather seriously and have taken the form of legislation.

Such legislation is specifically geared to making it easy for people to transport construction materials, both for new construction and for refurbishment of existing properties. So what does all this tell you? Is the place booming or not? You can decide for yourself!

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