The day I got chased by the police

And that's why a student in Manipal is cool!

Experience shared by a student of Manipal:

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Now this one is a true story which happened with me when I was in my twelfth standard. The evening was beautiful and windy. I and my friend were cruising on my Honda Activa. Our board exams had just ended and hence we were completely jobless. So, spending my time with my school friends was not a bad idea. We were roaming around the city having a look at our previous addas. We were very happy. Who knew that the next fifteen minutes of our lives will be etched into our memories forever!

And that’s why a student in Manipal is cool!

We headed towards the civil lines which was a quiet place where all government officials have their residences. There was an eerie calm around the campus. Another two wheeler was approaching us from the front. The rider was a beautiful girl. We ogled at her as per usual protocol. Then we carried on with our ride. Then my friend said the words which he should never had said! He said,” Abe it’s getting boring in here! Let’s go back to the shopping complex!” It sounded like a good idea then and I turned my scooter to go back.

Now, there are three facts you need to know to understand what happened next. We should have known it as well but it took us a long time before we found out.
Fact 1: From the third persons’ view it looked like we turned around to follow the hot girl who had just passed us.
Fact 2: The hot girl was the daughter of the Superintendent of Police (SP).
Fact 3: The SP was just behind us.

Our inner calm was rudely shattered by a series of abuses which I can’t mention on this blog. Do I even need to tell you the kind of language the policemen in our country use? The angry voice was coming from a jeep behind us. We looked around to find a very angry Superintendent of Police yelling at us. He told us to stop which we very obediently did. He stopped his jeep in front of us. And then two unfortunate things happened. He grabbed his cane from the backseat which we saw. And I went with my basic human instinct of not getting thrashed up and turned my scooter around back to the civil lines.

And then began the chase. The chase I never vividly remember because of the adrenaline but the overall experience was traumatic. The police jeep would disappear and then appear out of nowhere. My friend was yelling at me to drive faster which I obliviously was trying to do! I was not brought up to be prepared for this kind of a situation.
But then I was living in that city since I was born and I knew shortcuts which the SP could not dream of knowing. We finally managed to escape and then came to a halt at a place I had never been to. Angry tears, relief and lots of punching on the wall followed that chase. For the rest of my days in the city I never even took out my scooter once and then later sold it.

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There is no moral to this story. We were two stupid teenagers who had no criminal intentions. The only conclusion I could draw from this event was this: In life sometimes sh*t happens and you can’t do anything about it.


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