The Charm of Retiring in Italy

Did you ever consider retiring in Italy? You may not have realized it, but this is probably one of the best locations you could choose for retirement. For one thing, it’s very well connected by air and a number of steamship lines that operate between New York and Naples or Genoa.

The Italian government has been trying to promote the country as a prime location for retirement. It’s well known that there is plenty of art and culture in Italy, in major centers such as Rome, Florence and Venice.

By and large, you’ll find that prices in Italy are not as high as other parts of Europe or America. However, there are a few areas that can be rather expensive. These include Rome and the Piazza Amerigo Capponi, which is fairly close to the Vatican.

You’ll find that all kinds of transport will be available in Italy and the transport system as just as developed as anywhere else in Europe, if not more so. You could also look at tourist brochures, which will provide you with a road map.

If you are planning to retire in Italy, it would be a good idea to pay a visit first so that you can get the feel of life in the country before you decide to settle down. One of the reasons why people are happy to retire in Italy is that people here are very friendly, caring and warm.

This fact alone has attracted people from all over the world. It may surprise you that more people choose to retire in Italy than in any other country either in Europe or North America. That’s the sort of thing that speaks for itself, isn’t it?

Life in Italy by and large is quite affordable. You’ll find restaurants in the downtown areas of many cities that have been set up specifically for students and pilgrims who need to watch their expenses. One example of such a place is the Via del Mascherino, where many have claimed that a good meal with wine is available for as little as 70 cents.

In fact, there is plenty of proof that Italy offers the best of food and dining. You’ll also find good food in France, but only in Italy will you get real value even in restaurants that are not too expensive. So if you are particularly keen on eating, Italy will probably be the best place for you to retire in.

Italy offers you plenty of stimulation by way of art and culture, in cities such as Rome, Venice and Florence. However, the Italian Riviera or Sicily may suit you better if you are looking for a simple retired life. You could also consider the town of Messina or Taormina, from where you will be able to catch a glimpse of the famous Mount Etna rising out of a cliff that emerges almost perpendicularly from the sea.

Look at the number of beautiful cities you will be able to visit in Italy – Venice with its world famous canals; Naples, which is known for one of the most beautiful natural harbors in the world; Florence for art, culture, history and literature and Naples, which is also known for its ancient art collections are just a few examples of the places you would be able to visit frequently if you chose to retire in Italy.

And as it is with the food, if you have a passion for the arts, perhaps Italy will be the place for you to retire in – there’s no doubt that it will be the most romantic!

Well, ultimately it’s all up to you. You could be within easy reach of all these cultural delights if you would just make the right decision. So what do you say? Is Italy the land of your dreams?

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