The Body in Harmony – Sub Systems

Perfect Health in Humans is due to Working in Harmony of the Different Sub-Systems, which are a part of the Body.

In this article I will give the workings of the Basic Anatomy of the Human Body which can help you in maintaining a healthy life.

The cardinal rule is ” Perfect Health in Humans is due to Working in Harmony of the Different Sub-Systems, which are a part of the Body.”

I use the word Systems, as it simplifies to explain the workings of the Human Body with analogy to workings of a Computer or a Car, which today almost everybody has used and is familiar with their functioning.

Human Body as a Computer
Perfect Health in Humans is due to Working in Harmony of the Different Sub-Systems, which are a part of the Body.

Broadly the Systems in Humans can be classified & compared to Computers as:

HUMANS                                                                 COMPUTERS
a ) Physical System                                              The Hardware
b ) Emotional System                                          The Database
c ) Mental System                                                 The Program
c ) Spiritual System                                              The Operator (using above Three to get desired results)


Most of us will be familiar with the first three systems & let us refresh our understanding of the,


This system is called by the Seers as ” the TEMPLE of the SOUL” ; a simplified is given below:

  • Assume an Individual as a SOUL which has been given a Vehicle to go wherever IT prefers.
  • The Physical Body is akin to the Vehicle ( A futuristic one – as it will be seen later ) by which IT can go about as desired.
  • The Chassis & Body of the Vehicle can be compared to the Bony Skeleton & its covering by the Muscular system and the Skin .
  • Similarly Microprocessor Controls of the Vehicle, is comparable to the Brain.
  • The Electrical wiring of the Vehicle , correspond to the Spinal Cord & the Nerves.
  • The Battery is comparable to the Heart & the circulatory system , which gives the Vital Spark to Run the Vehicle.
  • The fuel tank storing and supplying the fuel is the Gastrointestinal system.
  • The carburetor or Air Intake is a mechanism akin to the Respiratory system .
  • Each cell in the Individual works as a Combustion Chamber where Fuel and Air are chemically reacted to Develop Energy required to run the various Sub-Systems.
  • The Exhaust System is the equivalent Excretory System where Unused Products & By-Products are Disposed Off out of the System.

Elaborating on the Sub-Systems of the Physical Systems of the Body

The bony system – Comprising of all Bones of the body which make the Moveable Majority of joints & some cases of Rigid joints . The bones of the skull protecting the brain. The vertebral column which protect the spinal cord. The pelvic bones which protect the reproductive system. The Ribcage which protects the lungs. It can be seen that the bony system is a framework which gives us a shape, a protection for other important organs & a functional system for movement of body.

The muscular system – Comprises of all Muscles of body. They act like the Prime Mover part ( Wheels & Tyre assembly ) of the Vehicle which helps us go forward or backward or any other Movement , by their action.

The Brain(Central Processing Unit) & Nervous System (wiring) – The Brain Stores & Runs Programs which integrates data from the various Sub-Systems to give the required Actions and sends out Signals to various Sub-Systems using spinal cord & nerves , making the various Sub-Systems function coherently.

The Heart (Battery) & Circulatory system – Supplies the ignition (energy/fire) to all the cells for their ideal functioning.

The Gastrointestinal System– Where the fuel required by the body is taken in and sent to storage for use as & when required. This comprises of mouth, esophagus, stomach, intestines & various organs like liver, spleen, and pancreas.

The Respiratory System (The air intake & Radiator) – Includes the Lungs, the Bronchi, the Trachea. This is the system which takes in Air which has Oxygen which is required for mixing with Fuel got from the Food to give us the Energy to do various actions. The Respiratory System along with the Skin also works as the Radiator of a Vehicle i.e. it cools the body when it becomes hot & also acts as an exhaust to throw out certain by-products.

The Excretory System (Exhaust) – Here the used up Fuel By-products are thrown out. It comprises of Kidneys, Ureters , Bladder, Urethra along with the Skin and Respiratory System.

The Inputs (Keys/Buttons and Sensors) – The 5 senses – touch, smell, vision, taste, hearing. Here a Very Important Point to Note is, that just like in a computer , if the correct keys or Data is not given or a mistake is made while entering, the correct processing does not take place. A similar case happens with information taken up by the Brain with these five senses.

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