Travelling Alone or With a Companion? Tough Choices

Deciding on whether to travel with a companion or to travel alone is a very disputatious issue. While there are many a great people supporting the idea of traveling with a companion, the considerable number of people that are against this belief and up hold the idea of traveling alone cannot be negligible. Each of these two points of view originates from its respective logical reasons and supports and the regarding vagueness is still bothersome unless we do not discuss them in detail.
As a matter of fact, the first group of people that support the idea of traveling with a companion believe in many advantages that enhance this idea. First of all, traveling along with the others will result in more familiarization with the personal characteristics of individuals in real but small scale of their life(?). They believe that they can more precisely judge their friends’ natural reactions against unexpected events and occasions and then this in turn leads to having a better knowledge of their friends. Next, when people travel with one or more companions, they will be able to tolerate some boring parts of their travel by spending their time together and by enjoying talking about their past memories. Finally, this decision will help them to save their money more and more by sharing some vital utilities and facilities such as their accommodation.
On the other hand, there are some positive points in traveling alone for the people who prefer to choose that way. In fact, they can experience everything in which they are interested without any permission or pre-scheduling, and that is because of the time limitation of most travels. Some people intend to have an opportunity to experience complete independence and know how they can deal with this issue. Moreover, the same people prefer to travel in this shape owing to their introvert characteristics. Also, in some special cases such as business trips or educational journeys, they find that no other options they can have.
In summary, considering the fact that preference to travel with a companion or alone is such a controversial issue, it will be helpful to find what the total advantages of each decision are; then, based on our personal characteristics, we may choose the way that will match our nature more(that will best suit our demands/nature). In my opinion, traveling with a companion, due to the more advantages it has, will provide a greater and more enjoyable time during our trip.

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