The Big Bang Theory Is Now Back With ‘Fun With Flags’.(Season 6 Episode 7)


FUN WITH FLAGS’ is now back with Sheldon outsourcing his viewership by inviting his old buddy Will Wheaton to the show to tell people about the flags of ‘Star Trek’. Amy is now promoted from one of the actors in Fun With Flags to the Director of the internet talk show. On the other side of Pasadena city, Howard and Bernadette are still arguing about Howard moving out of his mom’s house.

While the story was getting a little boring, revolving all the time around Sheldon and Amy’s love-life problems and nobody acknowledging Howard’s return from space, this episode takes a new road with drunk, mind it DRUNK Dr. Cooper shown fighting for his girlfriend’s dignity after she was insulted by Will Wheaton.

Although Leonard and Penny’s involvement was very less this time, it was the most significant one for the plot. They were the one who convinced Sheldon to go on and stand up for his girlfriend and get him drunk to the point where he forgets his characteristic “triple knock on the door”, and the die-hard fans  obviously know who might have done  what out of the two! Don’t we?

At the same time Howard finally moves in with his wife but his cry-baby emotional stories of how he misses his mom and flashbacks of his childhood memories with later irritates Bernadette to such an extent that she agrees to stay at Mrs. Wolowitz’s.

All in all the show is going at its usual pace with all the little pieces slowly joining to complete a big story, this episode exposed a new face of all the characters in the show and marked the end of non-alcoholic era of Sheldon and reveals him as a caring boyfriend and Howard as a ‘one-woman man’.

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