The 7 benefits of having a medico as your boyfriend/ girlfriend

Student's Council 2012-13

1. Every time you hold each others hands you can be sure that your pulse, temperature, pallor have been deftly checked by your partner, and your veins have been noticed to mentally calculate the ease with which an i.v. Line will pass through them, without you noticing even a bit of this procedure.

2. He/ she is never late for a date. They are immune to traffic as they just need to plaster the doctor’s sign to their car and act like they have been called to handle an emergency case. People automatically make way for them.

3. All calls and messages are answered immediately, even if they are in the middle of the night. After all they have had years of practice being woken out of deep slumber by one call from the registrar.

4. They have passed the mid-MBBS ‘ I- made- all – the – wrong- decisions- in- life- and- ended- up- here’ phase. Thus, they now give you full liberty of making all the choices in your relationship From which movie to watch to which restaurant to eat in, because they are programmed to believe that they make all the wrong choices.

5. They are so swamped by work all the time that you can be assured there is hell no way that they are cheating on you. Residency pays them enough only to afford three meals a day , forget maintaining multiple girlfriends / boyfriends.

6. They shower you with gifts every OPD ( out- patient department ) day, thank god for Medical Representatives of pharmaceutical companies.

7. They are so good at picking up any deviation from the normal self of a person , that you shouldn’t be surprised if they notice a change even in the smallest of things – Like a change in the color of your nail polish. Weight loss never goes unnoticed, though they might automatically arrive at a differential diagnosis for it, until you tell them that it’s just because of the efforts that you’ve made to impress them.

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