Tarang 14-One Sky…One World!

“Kites rise highest against the wind, not with it.”   -Winston Churchill.

Tarang -2014 organized by Volunteer Service Organization (VSO) on February 2, 2014 was a commendable kite-flying festival held at Panambur beach. It all began a week before the announced date when the lustrous ‘Tarang’ posters created a buzz in the college. Be it the salient venue or the idea of colourful kites flooding the noon-time sky, people were bound to be attracted.

We all gathered at the lighthouse campus on that sunny Sunday; each one in their best beachwear, stirred up by the upcoming kite-flying experience. The buses arrived and the whole gang hopped in to grab the best seats. The 11 km journey from KMC to Panambur beach was spent by singing crazy songs like “aaj blue hai paani aur din bhi sunny sunny” and clicking crazy poses. Each mind was truly enlivened by the thought of the outing.


The breathtaking sight of Arabian Sea glistening by the sun-rays was a treat to the eyes on that insanely hot day. No matter how many times you have been to a beach, each time you see it, it leaves you spell-bound by its eternally deep and limitless lineament. Then was the time to set your kites in motion and touch the sky. You could see your batch-mates, seniors, juniors and even professors scattered along and struggling with their kites. Well, my kite barely remained in the sky for 10 minutes before crashing into the blue-waters.

Cheering others while their kites battled against the wind, splashing that salty water onto each other with high-kicks, vainly struggling not to get wet, the thrilling motor-boat ride, long-walks on the coastline, the force as the waves came ashore and the beautiful sunset time- all of it made that evening a memorable one.


The tagline of Tarang posters read ‘Let yourself hold the string, so that a child’s dream may fly’ because money generated through the event was to be donated to charity.  This sense of gratification that not only you had an amazing outing, but also that somewhere you have helped a needy person, indeed, was the ultimate rejoice of the day. Kudos to the VSO team to have conducted this event with a grand success. At the end of the day, all of us , however tired and tanned we were, there was that ebullience and delight of having spent a decent Sunday.


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