T.A. Pai Management Institute Manipal: A glittering 26th Convocation


012 : Golden Jubilee Hall, Manipal
The occasion: the 26th Convocation of TAPMI for the batch of 2010-2012.

It was a day of mixed feelings. Only the 2nd batch to graduate from the sparkling new campus of TAPMI. Witness to a sea of change ( in ways more than one) to the TAPMI way. And finally ready to leave the hallowed portals to brave the harsh winters of the world outside.

Prof R. C Natarajan, Director, TAPMI

Prof R. C Natarajan, Director, TAPMI

Some ecstatic, most happy and a small number quietly relieved. That summed up more or less the emotions of the day and occasion. Almost all of them had gone back home or gone out travelling with friends and this was like a mini-reunion with tales to swap and memories to cherish and embellish forever in their minds.

Last minute packing, flaws in travel itinerary being ironed out and the goodbyes to the few special ones were the primary activities for the seniors. Frantic running about and synchronizing timings and arrangements was the only activity for the junies who had taken it upon themselves to assist the administration in the entire process,and managerially they did well, just swell.

Once at the venue, a carefully rehearsed plan was put into place with a considerable degree of success leading to a successful photo-session of 170+ hot, sweaty and impatient-to-get-their-hands-on-the-document students. Kudos to the junior volunteer team, for the efficient execution.

A Collage of the TAPMI Convocation

The chief guest, the famed Dr. Jamshedji J Irani of TATA Steel gave a spirited and engaging address and unerringly brought out several key perspectives to hold on to once someone steps into the world of business and management. Never the one to shy away and stick to the  politically correct, he made sure every ear was tuned to him. (and brought out how being a good orator holds you in good stead, no matter where you are). He personally bestowed the medal and the certificate to all the students. And then the meritorious few got the additional accolades.

Dr. J.J. Irani with Prof R

The day ended with dinner on the lawns with the students,proud parents and faculty members. We could witness a number of emotionally moving moments between grateful parents, proud yet slightly embarrassed faculty members and the fidgety students. All in all : A good Show! Go Tapmians! Step forth and bring glory to your country, to your alma mater, to your family and to you. All the very best!

Proud Graduates of TAPMI


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