He who laughs in a Crisis, Has someone else to Blame!

Oh oh we are in trouble
Something’s come along and it burst a bubble

Must be like a daily mantra for most of us who are adapted mentally and emotionally into and out of …trouble!

Blame it on the Dog21

Its nothing new. A little move to think about Get that guy up there, to think a little and save your skin and hurl yourself out of trouble. Doesn’t this remind you of a tight fitting polo neck sweater? You get into it for the fun of it, and then it is too tight that you are actually getting asphyxiated. You try to bear with it, but the sleeves personify into hand cuffs and the polo neck, call it a pain in the neck!

It gets so frustrating that you pull it off with all your man ki shakti, tan ki shakti and fling it away and heave a sigh ! “phew, Done with that load of crap!”. But the “fun” of being in trouble is when you come up with excuses from an entirely new dimension.

The excuses are worth a laugh only when you are through the tornado, otherwise consider it your only lifeline.
Nobody learns the art of coming up with outrageous excuses. They come up like-BANG- there it is when the situation is demanding excuses normally range from the highly, overused down the civilization – “I am sorry, I forgot!” to blaming the person, who has to be given the credit for pushing you into this mindless lying spree.

The basic requirements to hike your way out of trouble is: –

  1. An I –am-tooo– innocent-don’t torture me, look, It is like the ESC button on the keyboard.
  2. When ESC button fails, the best way is try multiplying 278×39 mentally and you automatically have that I don’t know-what-you-are-saying look. This is called the Joey Tribbiani way or the ctrl-alt-Delete button that shuts the system itself.
  3. You should be well versed with the trends of excuses that have hit the circuits ! usage of cliche over is injurious to health.
  4. If you are creatively challenged and just cant come up with a convincing enough excuse may be you can stand like the stonehenge mystery and look far into the infinity.

According to a friend of mine, the best way out is to push the blame on someone else. Blame it on a friend and you have a ‘Yeh Dost….’ situation. Blame it on an enemy and you have consequences only for you to face after all if someone has to be in trouble , why you ?

Why do everything yourself when others can do it for you?

“Studies” show that we would rather use excuses than come up with the real story. Actually you never know if people will buy the real thing ……. The world is so tuned to lie after lie after lie. So go ahead excuse your way to glory. As long as gum is not struck to your shoe – WHAT’S THERE.

(The writer is not responsible, for any loss of reputation, property or life due to the usage of hints provided, partially or fully.)

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