Su-doku fever

A simple Kakuro puzzle from another image with...Image via WikipediaNo wonder this is the most popular mind game worldwide.I’m also a big fan of it.This is the first thing I do when I get the newspaper.

Though it does create some controversy in our hostel’s common room.Clinical people get time to read news only in the afternoon after having lunch.and that is Su-doku solving time for me and my friend Vivek.usually I ignore them and bear whatever good words they must be saying to me.Though none of those words has ever reached to my ears!!My physique is probably responsible!!But to tell you a secret, to get physical will be one of the toughest task for me.

Anyway 1 useful information for Su-doku fans is Kakuro.It is the new mind game-combination of Su-doku and Crosswords.It is my favorite game this days and believe me it is extremely good.Try it

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