Play with Passion, Play for a cause.

Or simply, just play for Fun.

The Social Welfare Committee of KMC, Manipal organized its biggest fund raiser which began on March 22nd and finally came to an end last night, i.e. on 27th March. The event witnessed participation from all colleges not only under Manipal University but also other colleges in the vicinity extending up to Mangalore. At the same time, the local residents turned up in large numbers for the various events: Cricket, Football, Volleyball, Basketball, Badminton and Table Tennis.

The closing ceremony was graced by Dr G. Pradeep Kumar, Dean, KMC Manipal, Dr Suma Nair, Director of Student Affairs, Manipal University and Dr Sneha Mallya, Staff Advisor to SWC, KMC, Manipal.


Through this event, the SWC, KMC Manipal collect funds for “Udaan” where they are going to support Daniel  and Prakash Vinod from Jnanaganga PU College and Narendra Kumar from a government college to continue higher education with tuition fee, uniform fee and study material fee included. The scholarship money and certificates were handed over to the deserving students and their mothers by the dignitaries.


The funds collected also would go for the support of the girl child under Samsriti, where children below 12 are provided money for life saving surgery and treatment.

No matter the sport, there can be only one winner. The fierce competition, the nail biting matches, all the excitement and all the fun and games drew to an end, as the best in each event triumphed over the others. The 1st and 2nd positions were rewarded with certificates and prize money. Sportz Quake being a charitable event, the runners up of Volleyball and Cricket graciously donated their prize money to SWC to further support them in their honorable venture.


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Highlights from the week:

  • The excitement of the commentators peaked during the cricket matches especially between the various departments of KMC, Manipal. For once, you could openly make cheeky comments on your teachers and get away with it. The teachers were sportive enough to join in the merriment. Some teachers like Dr Vinod Nayak, Department of Forensic Medicine even sat in the commentary box and left the crowd laughing and cheering.


  • The cricket finals saw some amazing talent not only in terms of batting or bowling skills but also how to amuse the crowd with their dancing skills. Dancing? Yes, you read it right. As the runners up team realized victory was out of their hands, during the last over, the batsman on strike jumped about and even turned the bat upside down and tried to hit the ball with the handle of the bat, thoroughly confusing the bowler and sending the crowd into fits of laughter.
  • Ever felt delighted at meeting someone with the same name? Well, we were shocked to learn that all the three players in a football team all had the same name, which definitely made the choice for team name very easy. On questioning them further, they said you could come across at least 50 TENZINs around Manipal. Talk about identity crisis.
  • To end the article, special mention has to be given to the most hilarious cricket match, between two teams from 4th sem, KMC Manipal. The Real Manfam Vs JCTFD. Think girls cannot play cricket? If you had come for this match, you’d definitely reconsider. The first over by JCTFD saw a maiden wicket by a girl followed by another over by a girl which saw the fall of three wickets. The Real Manfam attributed their whole score to the girls as well, as the three girls on the team brought 10 runs each to the team just for participating as per Sportz Quake rules, and the one girl who scored at all added 4 runs to the scoreboard. Two extras brought their total to 36. JCTFD however opened their innings with 20 runs attributed to the presence of two girls on their own team and were chasing a target of 16 runs in 6 overs. The second innings saw the batsmen defending balls which could have easily gone for boundaries just to humour their opponents. At one time the batsman at the non-striking end sat down and the fielders of the The Real Manfam complained of obstruction to their otherwise brilliant fielding. The batting team and the commentator for the day, Dr Vinod Nayak agreed that the last boundary be cancelled. The winning boundary was again scored by a girl and JCTFD emerged victorious and concluded the delightful match.


The social welfare committee have always worked to make a difference, towards making the world a better place for people who had all but lost hope. The Dean, in his speech commended this group of enthusiastic individuals for their dedication and hard work and assured them of his full support in all their future endeavors. After a few words from Purusharth Yagnik, Secretary, and Shraddha Moolchandani, Vice Secretary, SWC, Sportz Quake was declared over and a grand success.

Congratulations To Social Welfare Committee, today and always!



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