The Spice of Life

variety is the spice of life

“Variety WAS the spice of life.”

Obviously the students feel rather strongly that everyone should conform to the same ideas and ideals. In fact, one immediately places himself in the danger zone if he, for one minute, acts or thinks differently from his associates.

For example, if a student desires to be alone for a short time to think over problems or to simply relax from his ‘mad house of abode,’ he might choose to retreat to a quiet corner, alone. However, he surely is taking chances on being the number one subject for the Psychology Department.

Right away he is termed ‘weird’, ‘way out’ or ‘mentally off,’ and is either reported as a mental case or possibly shunned by people who fear his unusual behavior. Plans get under way for delving into the basic reasons for his actions, and experiments are in the making to achieve normality.

Likewise, a siudent can briefly express disapproval of certain characteristics of the opposite sex and, without the passing of another minute, is termed an ‘odd ball’, ‘sex pervert’ or any other derogatory term.

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