Speaking Out Loud – Article 19

School of Communication's Annual Cultural Fest

Article-19 is the annual media event of School Of Communication which celebrates freedom of speech and expression. It is reputed to be the oldest core communication event in India and was held in School of Communication on 8th, 9th and 10th of February.

The three day event invited students from all over the country to indulge in plethora of competitions related to literature, digital and performing arts, film arts, speaking arts and fine arts both online and offline. The event also had various talk sessions from experts across various fields of industry.

The preparations for the event start as the semester begins. To add to the grandiose of the event the college is redecorated according to the theme. The theme for the year was ‘Time Travel.’  One of the major addition to the redecoration is the painting of the college quadrangle according to the Article-19 theme. Many artistic students put in a lot of time and effort to make the quadrangle look aesthetic. Various departments which work for the event are publicity, funfair, sponsorship, finance, delegation, documentation, pre-events, logistics, resources and the content.  Every student puts in meticulous effort to make the event a sweet success.

In promotion of Article-19 some events were previously held.  Fiesta is a fun-fest was held in the month of August in SOC. This fest was a glimpse of Article-19 to the newly arrived batch of students.  ‘Unplugged’ an acoustic musical night was the next pre-event which also included slam poetry, monologue and stand-up comedy under the open premises of Amphitheater on a relaxed night. Another major pre-event ‘Ally March’. On the Sunday of February 4th, students from SOC accompanied by the students from other institutions joined the pride march which was from SOC to Country Inn. The turnout for the march was quite huge. Students dressed in rainbow colored attires, their happy faces painted and holding colourful posters and shouting slogans for the rights of LGBTQ+ community were successful in grabbing the attention people with regard to this social cause and also to promote Article-19.

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The three day event was inaugurated on 8th by the Chief Guest Vasanthi Hariprakash, a well know media persona with vast experience of being an anchor, a RJ and a journalist. She also presented a talk on the topic-“Is your degree enough to conquer the world?” The second talk for the day was by Rajeev Bhattacharya, a notable reporter who is a keen observer of North-East India. He presented the talk on the topic- “Media functioning in the North-East.” While the talks were taking place in the auditorium simultaneously competitions were being conducted in different classrooms. The third talk of the event was by Vinod K Jose, another renowned journalist who is the Executive Editor of Caravan magazine on 9th. He was in conversation with the students on the subject of running a political magazine in present day India. The fourth talk which was held on the same day was by National Award Winning Film director Aniruddha Roy Chowdhury, who received National award for the movie ‘Pink’. An interactive session with regard to Film Making was his subject for talk. Unfortunately, the fifth talk of the event which was scheduled on 10th by Srijan Pal Singh, a known author had to get cancelled due to his personal reasons.

The awards for winners were distributed in a formal award ceremony ‘Express Awards’, which was held on the evening of 9th. On the last day after the valedictory, the even concluded with ‘funfair’. The theme for the year being time travel, the premises of the college was set up accordingly. Funfair which was held in the evening of 10th officially led to the wrapping up of the event.

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MAHE having a staggering 21 institutions in its ranks remains in a festive mood throughout the semester due to annual events of the different institutions and Article-19 being one of them attracts the attention of people and remains to be a success.

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