Sorry Means having to Write Sorry!

Language is a mere means of communication. Doesn’t matter what language we use as long as we are able to convey. Every day in our business we have to handle countless phone calls in myriad accents and various languages. Most of the times we manage to understand the customer but sometimes hilarious confusions occur even if spoken in crisp clear English.
Some times two sensible people, speaking fluent English also may misunderstand each other.
Last night we were doing our closing hour drill. The phone rang and a gentleman from Udupi asked for a molten lava cake. I apologised and explained that we have closed for the day. Now he asked if I could send it with ‘ Sorry’ inscribed on it. I thought he was being sarcastic. But I tried to be patient and explained that our staff has now retired for the day.
He upped his bid. He said ok send five. I shook my head. He said ten. Now i was sure it was a crank call.
I wished him good night and apologised again. He asked me if i could keep it ready while he came to the store and picked it up. Now I was sure, he was simply trying to revenge.
It takes ten minutes for the cake to be heated. I told him that once he was there, we could get it ready for him. I was sure he wouldn’s turn up.
But he did turn up. Importantly, he looked a gentleman. I felt sorry for doubting him. Now I had to do something for him. I told him that if he had called up in the evening, I could have got it done from some bakery. He explained that his sister was cross with him and he wanted to make it up. Now there was something we HAD to do.
One of the kitchen staff had a brain wave. He suggested we inscribe one letter on each cake with chocolate syrup. Wasn’t very effective but it served the purpose. The sister, i was sure, would melt like the molten chocolate and forgive her sensitive brother for whatever wrong he did.
As he handed the delivery bag to the customer, this member said with a twinkle, “ Sorry sir.” We all had a hearty laugh.
But as I slept, I was left with a queasy feeling. Was it a mere coincidence that he echoed the same words that I had said and hence I felt he was mimicking me or have we become too cynical that we have stopped trusting each other.
I leave it to the discerning readers to decide.

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