So You Are Not a D.I.N.K Anymore…

Don’t know what a D.I.N.K. is? Double Income – No Kids…and most probably all that life used to encompass for you before the children.

Maybe you are a stay at home type or maybe you are a working dad. Whether you are a soon-to-be parent or just became one, your DINKdom is over. No doubt you have fears, philosophical questions, and serious denial about what just happened to your existence, as you once knew it as a non-reproductive entity. Well, don’t take yourself too seriously. After all you know what kind of a kid you were and how your parents probably winged it. Still, are you asking questions like, “What was I thinking when I left the blissful world of “no-kids” to graduate into the big bad world of baby feedings and diaper disposal systems?

This is a perfectly normal pondering for new dads.

Just remember you are not alone. Many new parents are not only trying to figure out the mom and dad side of things, but also their personal and professional lives. They wander around for most of their twenties and thirties, in a sort of daze desperate to find out what has taken place since the kid arrived. Don’t fret. When in doubt about your decision to become a parent remember why you got into the whole mess to begin with: to share your love with the world, get your mom off your back about wanting grand kids and that whole perpetuation of the species thing.

If you need convincing, here are a few rationales why you made the right call to become a parent:
1. You can hang around school playgrounds without looking creepy
2. Kids count as tax deductions
3. An excuse to watch cartoons
4. There will be someone with more chubby fat on them than you
5. Birthdays will be something you look forward to again
6. Wardrobe consisting of only formula stained t-shirts
7. Use the baby as an excuse to get out of social functions instead of the wife
8. You get to drink out of sippy cups…less spills for you
9. The dog had been getting kind of cocky
10. Father’s Days now makes sense
11. To pick up second language in baby lingo
12. Babies are clear proof that you got what it takes in the bedroom
13. You have the opportunity to put those ancient hunting and gathering instincts to the test
14. The explanation for all mistakes that you are just a brand new parent
15. The floor becomes the place you relax most…stretch out!
16. Videotaping the kid doing something everyday that he or she will be ashamed of later in life – Big laughs for you at their wedding rehearsal dinner
17. Like fine wine…you become a connoisseur of baby food
18. To take naps again – guilt free
19. Get out of jury duty with pediatrician appointments
20. Leave the office early for the above same reason
21. Captive audience: The little ones cannot walk away and have to sit still while you talk about your day or try out your stand up comedy bit
22. To reacquaint yourself with the classics: Pooh, poop and pacifiers
23. For use of the phrase “real world” and absolutely knowing what it means
24. To make members for your fan club
25. You finally got to really take ownership of the wholesomeness of your dysfunctional life. Welcome to the club…it is not so bad!

So what if you have more responsibility than ever. Big deal if you have given up even further freedoms. Who cares if you are prematurely turning gray and have only gotten four hours of sleep since the birth. In essence, it is the end of one kind of life and the beginning of a whole new adventure. You just have to put things into perspective by looking at parenting challenges and changes as opportunities. Lastly, if you do find yourself in an anxiety attack just repeat to yourself this last reason for making that kid: You can now put the money where your mouth is and show your mom and dad how “good” parenting should be done…Right!

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