Shree Sharavu Mahaganapathi: Temples Of Mangalore

Location : The temple is located in the Mangalore city centre.

Legend : The name “Sharavu” is derived from “Shara” which means arrow. About eight centuries back, the sthalapurana or local legendary depicts, a powerful king, Maharaja Veerabahu of tuluva region, killed a cow by mistake by shooting it with an arrow. He in reality meant to shoot the tiger which was standing besides the cow. But, his unculpable sin had to be erased, for which he did install a “Shiva Linga” as per the suggestion of a great seer Sri Bharadhwaja.

This Shivalinga has been worshipped by the Maharaja as Sharabareshwara. “Sharavu” became the name of the shrine and the newly formed temple tank as “Sharatheertha.sharavu  mahaganapathy

Later, the most revered divine image of “Sri Dhashabhuja Mahaganapathy” along with “Siddilaxmi” appeared on the southern wall of this sacred Sharabeshwara Temple. Lord Laxmiganapathy has been worshipped by a pious archaic named Yeshiva of Ganapathya cult. After a course of time, he had to endow this noble responsibility of worshipping Lord Ganesh to an old Brahmin, named Ganesha Kekunnaya as per the divine command of Lord Ganesha.

There is an interesting twist to the story. Tippu Sultan the Tiger of Mysore had a strong desire to plunder this famous temple during his military march over Mangalore. But, on the very previous night, he had a horrible dream in which an angered elephant was crushing him beneath its feet. He woke up suddenly and inquired thoroughly about this ghastly dream. He has been explained that the mysterious divine power of Lord Ganapathy of Sharavu Kshetra was cautioning him not to resume any misadventure of plundering this famous temple.

Consequently, Tippu Sultan gave up his ill conceived adventure and offered “Tastik” of 4 varahas (gold currency) per year with atmost awe and reverence towards this temple.

Important days : Tuesday is considered specially auspicious to visit the temple though everyday sees a huge rush of devotees.

Festivals : This temple attracts thousands of devotees everyday. On the special occasions like Sri Ganesh Chaturthi, annual Car Festival or “Rathothsava” starting on Chandramana Yugadi, Deepothsava or Festival of Lights and on Shankasti Chaturthi days.


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