Seven Reasons Why You Should Write Poetry

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Writing poetry is a perfect practice for strengthening your writing skills. You can gain command of the language through poetry writing, cultivate a strong vocabulary, master literary devices, and excel in imagery. And that’s just a tiny sampling of how poetry improves basic writing skills. In poetry, you can find the magic of metaphor, use of the five senses, compactness of expression, and simplicity or complexity of meaning in a few lines. However, poetry has other benefits that are relevant on a more personal level. 

It’s a beautiful way of processing your emotions

Poetry fosters emotional intonation and healing through self-expression and exploration of one’s feelings. It provides a safe way to vent, introspect, and understand our feelings. For many, poetry has been literally life-saving. It also helps us become more self-aware. Through raw expression of thoughts and feelings, poetry can help us become more accustomed to what’s happening in our hearts and minds.

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It’s a healthy way of catching ideas and refining them

People usually get poetic inspiration comes from direct experience. There’s usually an “aha!” moment when you think, “this would make a good poem.” Whether searching for the perfect word, working on articulating a thought, or fine-tuning a poem’s rhythm, crafting poetry strengthens our cognitive processes.

It’s an excellent way to hone literary and intellectual skills

Poetry writing fosters and promotes creative thinking through its emphasis on metaphor, symbolism, and imagery. Part of the process lies in finding the ideal way to communicate your ideas in the least words, eliminating the clichés, and discovering the most potent images possible. The habit of writing this way carries over to other genres. Moreover, poetry pushes us to challenge ourselves intellectually by expressing our thoughts and ideas.

It helps you connect.

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Many people write poetry privately, but when poems are shared, they can inspire, move, and honor others, initiating deeper personal connections. No matter where you reside, there will probably be at least one poetry open mic near you. Most poetry audiences are supportive and eager no matter what you read—poetry’s excellent for getting immediate feedback and applause.

It helps develop perspective, empathy, and world views.

Writing poetry often prompts us to view the world from various perspectives, fostering empathy and expanding one’s vision in life. Poetry’s highly subjective nature makes the reader explore all the possibilities. Sometimes what we interpret is a reflection of ourselves. And that is how poetry helps you connect to yourself and the world. It’s a lot like the cliché about visual art, “I don’t know much about art, but this is my interpretation.” That’s how most people react to poetry.

It helps you relive your important memories.

There will always be certain moments we would like to hold on to in our life. Whether it’s a delightful memory or a life-changing event, sometimes you want to be reminded of your past experiences. But, holding it all inside can harm our mental health.

     That is why writing it down through poetry is a good idea. You’ll be able to get it out of your system, make sure it’s never forgotten, and allow yourself to relive it. Poetry is one of the finest ways to preserve some of the most crucial moments of your life. Turning them into poetry will immortalize them. That’s the beauty of poetry.

It helps you escape reality.

We all require a break from our reality now and then. Poetry allows you to create your little world and escape in it whenever you like. People who regularly write poetry realize that they feel light and zoned out whenever they’re in this process.

      Writing poetry takes you to your comfortable space; you feel relaxed, stress-free, and inspired. You can take a break from the daily noise and tension. Escaping your reality is a great idea, and poetry is one of the most satisfactory ways to do it.

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Writing poetry is a delightful and wholesome process we should all try. People who write poetry experience significant benefits in their mental health and notice an improvement in their life. Hopefully, the advantages listed above helped you understand how priceless the process of writing poetry is. You can use it as inspiration to start enjoying writing poetry more!


About the Author: Prerna Mittal is a first-year student at Manipal Institute of Technology, MAHE.


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