The Hall – Sailendra Chetlur

I stepped into the hall
I did not feel so tall
Actually I felt sick
I just went to my place and watched the clock tick

Two more gloomy faces came in
Looking as if they were punished for some sin
One behind and one in front of me
Though Im not sure any of us were where we wanted to be

As the tension built up, I saw everyone else around
People were so dazed, it was like dogs in a dog pound
Running here and there wondering about freedom
Though it seemed to be ok for some

For those who prepared rather so
But else, everyone seemed a bit low
Finally the most dreaded hour of the year has come
Here from where some will end up big, and some will join the slum

A man walked in like an executioner
We stood and wished the sir
Taking no notice, he came to our places one by one
Placing sheets and moving on, he was finally done

He looked at his watch, we did so too
Below, we heard a cow say moo
I dont know why that came to my head
I dont care, i just took the sheet and read

The fear seemed to subside
And into their sheets, everyone seemed to hide
It should have been normal but for a bit of stupidity
A boy stood up and complained of acidity

Just as the man appraoched him,
There was a power cut and the lights went dim
The first oppertunity to copy was gone
With disappointment, I stared at the outside lawn

A little later, the boy behind stood up
The man put down his tea cup
And enquired of the problem
He came so close, it was visible on his shirt, the emblem

It was to say he was an official form the board
But my excitement sored
He was too close for me to try anything smart
Just then something whizzed past me, like a dart

The boy beside just threw a paper pellet right past the sir
No doubt it had some question or answer
But the man was alert, and spun around
Everyone stopped writing, our hearts did pound

He, however, walked past
He did not notice!Our hearts stopped beating fast
A little later another futile attempt was made
So pathetic that I myself bade

That they should stop
If there was a list of humerous incidents, this would top
The boy in front stood up so fast,
That the bottle of ink went flying and onto the man’s face was the ink cast

He was in a fit of rage
Nothing was untouched, every single page
Was distributed to all hands
Then, like we did trespass onto his lands,

The man shouted till he was red
We alll felt dead
For we thought of how severe he was going to be
We were quiet, and his reaction, all wanted to see

Surprisingly, with a soft voice, he said ‘continue writing’
Was he mad? I didnt know, but was so happy I could sing!
The damage was done, and the pass percent was bound to go up
As for the man,he wiped his face and ressumed sipping his cup

When it was over, we handed in our papers and stood
The look on the man’s face told us that his impression on us was not good
How did that matter to any of us?
We just took our bags and left the hall without a fuss.

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