Selfie – A Symbol of narcissism by Sarvesh Chaturvedi

1. Hold your phone lower than you normally do
2.Even lower than that.
3.lay the phone down.
4.Stop taking selfiesSelfie narcissistic

Someone somewhere once asked me , “ If you meet someone , are there any ‘clues’ to detect serious narcissism ?” I smiled and replied, check out the selfie frequency. With a dream to unfriend all the selfie obsessed geeks, I begin my outrage. Making no fuss about asking the people around to click, the obsession for selfie has increased manifold. As far as my views are concerned, a selfie comes in the same category as dropping that ‘mah’ every now and then instead of a friendly little ‘My’.Selfie narcissistic 1
If it’s about the relatives, your group of friends or picture with your favorite celebrity, You go the right way! Be it ‘selfie’. However the same guy/girl posting 20 pictures of his/her goat faced look is what makes me realize about the need of ‘UNLIKE’ button on FB.

The quality to click a DUCK faced selfie and then uploading it with a lame or melancholic caption is a condemnable effort. I wonder how people can stand in front of an unclean mirror, click a selfie and cry for likes and comments.

This CAPTION Amuses Me –“The Bathroom Selfie”.

Then there are these funeral selfies that shows insensitivity prevailing in our world now a days . I wonder how someone took a selfie at Phil Hughe’s funeral.

The act of narcissism has decreased the intensity of the goodwill of the events that once used to be a serious platform of discussion on issues and causes are now a Check-in status with a Selfie on social media .Selfie narcissistic 2

Indeed narcissism, being obsessed with receiving recognition and gratification from ones looks, vanity and in an egotistical manner, is becoming a big problem in our digital age.


About the Author: Sarvesh Chaturvedi is a pursuing his BTech in Electronics at BVP Pune. He hails from Bhopal and is an editor at Leo club, Pune. You can contact him on twitter @sarvesh5nov and on Facebook here.

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