Scintillating Saturdays:5 Fashion Tips For the Nerds among us!

We are going to go over some random tips that can make a difference in getting hired at a top notch company or being dumped by a hot girl/boy! These are some valuable tips that are ideally directed for men, but these tips are useful for the women too (in case you don’t already know them!).

Worn out Jeans

1. Ask advice from the right source: most women are experts when concerned about fashion; therefore you ought to go to them first. These women can be your girlfriends, best buddies or even sisters (not evil ones who will give you bad advice deliberately!), but definitely not your mom as she will agree with whatever you like.

2. Get rid of worn out clothes: these include your lovely pair of blue jean that has a small hole near the butt (from personal experience I know it can be hard but hey you can always get a new one!). Also clothes that have discolored after many washes/uses need to be thrown into the trash. If you really want to preserve some good dress then you should try out the new Tide.

3. Don’t reveal sweat: doing this after a heavy workout is totally fine but not at other times. Although you can get away with it by telling your friends that you just came from a long swim (not my advice but Zach’s (aka – Shirley!) from The Suite Life of Zach and Cody – Season 2 episode 45). This is probably not going to work always so the best bet is that you layer up with t-shits or undershirt so that your sweat is absorbed. Using a nice scent/cologne is always a good idea.

4. Electronic gadgets have better places: do you think that your new i-phone is really cool? Well you can show off that but not by wearing it on the belt. No matter how cool something is, don’t ever wear it on an outfit; it can only dress you down. Instead go for nice handbags/totes/office bags that can be used for different things.

5. Posture: all the above tips are good but a bad posture makes people not notice how well you are dressed. Standing/sitting up straight conveys the message that you smart, attentive and ready to get down to business. Well I don’t know about you but I prefer being thought of as a smart person instead of a dull person.

Hopefully these tips help shape your lives for the better.

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