Sankyo super cme440 hi-focus /Sankyo super cme666 hi-focus

1. The Sankyo requires 4 AA batteries to be loaded into a plastic battery holder before being placed into the handle of the camera. Correct orientation of the batteries in the holder is very important, as incorrect orientation, ie: negative and positive, will result in the battery holder melting. AA batteries will be supplied by the “renter”.

2. The film cartridge is placed into the side of the camera via a small slide button on the rear of the camera. Be sure the camera can expose the film correctly; different cameras have differing abilities to expose some types of film.

3. If shooting with lights, screw in the screw accessory into the top of the camera. If shooting in daylight do not insert the screw accessory.

4. Film use can be monitored on the top of the camera in feet. When the film reaches the end of its length, the motor will make a distinctly different noise. Insert a new film cartridge.

5. The camera is off when there are no batteries loaded, and on when batteries are loaded. To prevent accidental running of the camera motor, there is a slide lock under the trigger that prevents accidental running.

6. The camera has a manual and automatic exposure control on the top of the camera. To activate the manual control, rotate the switch off “AUTO” adjust the desired exposure before the dial moves into the “LOCK” position. To activate the automatic control, rotate the switch to the “AUTO” position.

7. The diopter setting needs to be adjusted for each person that uses the camera. To set the diopter (eyepiece) focus the camera on a distant object, and adjust the diopter by rotating the adjuster situated just above the eye piece until the object is in clear focus.

8. To adjust focus quickly, zoom into the subject, pull the front lens hood towards you and turn the front lens hood until the double image in the view finder “lines up”. This feature is unavailable on the 666 model.

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