Safe Supplements For Teenage Athletes

Discovering a world of diet products at the age of under 21 it is easy to get in a trap of an error choice. In this age, a body is at the peak of its growth and any physiological damage may lead to dire consequences. Regardless of your targets either to lose weight or to gain muscles, a worthwhile and effective additive is the foundation stone of a successful diet.

In this overview, you will not find any brands or trademarks of the diet products. All the information a teenager needs to know is the proper and safe additives to create a basis for the further search for an appropriate product. The article’s recommendation is based on the opinions of the teenagers who walked a way of choosing a supplement by themselves.


Let’s start with what to be avoided being a teenager. We will not detail the characteristics and properties of these products but only list them: protein bars, fad supplements, fat burners, testosterone boosters, hormonal supplements, stimulants, and steroids. It is also advised to keep off from the banned products since there are obvious reasons why these are prohibited.

Now, it is time to introduce the supplements that are considered favorable to use by the teens.

Fish Oil

This amazing additive is beneficial to not only teens but also the adults. Fish oil is known to supply the essential fatty acids known as Omega 3. In fact, if your diet is packed with various fish, this element may not be in need. Nevertheless, an additional source of the fish oil will not be harmful.

Protein Powders

Any person who performs a muscular activity requires a sufficient source of protein. The teens experience this need on a higher level because their bodies are in the constant natural growth. A liquid form of the protein has own benefits like a fast digestion and a carrying convenience. Since the market of protein powders comes apart at the seams, be attentive to the type of product you choose.

In fact, two types of this essential ingredient are recommended to the teenage athletes. Whey is the first one that is preferable to use after the muscular activity. There are numerous forms of whey protein but the purest ones are the most valuable, for example, whey isolate.

The second type is casein that is known to be digested within several hours. This protein type is recommended to use before a sleep and within a day.

Multivitamin and Certain Minerals

Unfortunately, not everyone can afford to hold a wholesome and healthy nutrition providing all the essential components. A teenage athlete is especially in need for the multiple nutrients. You are lucky to find a qualitative supplement offering a set of minerals and vitamins. However, in most cases, the athletes use the certain minerals. A muscular activity depletes the certain types of nutrients like zinc, magnesium, and the vitamins A, E, and C.


The use of this additive for the teenagers causes many disputes due to the possible adverse reactions. Nevertheless, the side effects are usually experienced by the people who already have some health issues or are predisposed to them. At the same time, the athletic advantage of this element is proven by most of the athletes especially those involved in strength sports.

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