Questions you Need to Ask from A Hair Transplant Surgeon

hair transplant surgery

Getting a hair transplant surgery is a huge decision. Not only does it cost a significant amount of money, but it’s also something that will have a substantial impact on your overall appearance. Therefore, you must be well-advised before you decide to get a hair transplant. And for that, you need an extremely knowledgeable hair transplant surgeon in Delhi.

Choosing the right dermatological surgeon for the hair transplant is a crucial decision. You can start by finding some popular options through the internet, or you can look for a good hair clinic in your area, and you can also fix an appointment to have a face to face discussion with the surgeon.

There is a lot of information to absorb when considering to undergo hair transplant surgeon in Delhi.

And there are many questions which you need to ask before you proceed with the procedure.

Am I too young for hair transplant surgery?

Every case presented is evaluated thoroughly on an individual basis, and several age-related factors should be taken into consideration as they play a part in candidate suitability for a hair transplant surgeon in Delhi procedure.

The primary consideration for a surgeon is the current degree of hair loss or hair thinning and the future implications of the patient’s hair loss patterns. Hair transplant surgeons in Delhi do as much as they can to help preserve the hair and prevent further hair loss for the younger patients. They also monitor the patient’s hair loss over a period of time, allowing them to decide the suitable time for a hair transplant surgery, permanently restoring the lost hair.

How can you prepare for hair transplant surgery?

Your dermatological surgeon is going to provide you with a specific list of instructions pertaining to preparing for your surgery, follow them! Some surgeons may put a stop on alcohol intake, while others may recommend a Vitamin C supplement to boost your immunity system.  You should avoid cutting your hair and stop using any kind of styling products.

What is a recovery period like?

Make sure to give yourself enough time to recover. Surgery and hair restoration requires a couple of weeks to allow the skin time to heal correctly. The hair transplant surgeon in Delhi procedures typically needs around three to four days of recovery time.

Will, I ever need a second hair transplant?

The chances are less than you need further hair transplant surgery in the future. Your dermatological surgeon will be able to give more information on this and discuss potential treatments or medications to prevent hair loss in the future.

Will the results look completely natural?

The surgeons’ techniques and their perfection in the hair transplant surgeon in Delhi procedure ensure that you have the natural-looking results. The grafting techniques associated with both the methods treat each hair follicle independently, so placement of the implanted hair can be managed, giving you natural-looking and dense hair.

Which is a better technique: FUT or FUE for hair transplant?

The first thing to determine before going for a hair transplant surgery is whether you are more eligible for FUT Or FUE Hair Transplantation procedures. FUT involves removing an entire strip of hair, faster results, but more prolonged recovery. FUE Hair transplantation surgery involves removing and transplanting individual follicles, which offers patients less scarring and a speedy recovery.

Am I a suitable candidate for hair transplant surgery procedure?

The first thing that you need to ask from your doctor is, whether you are a suitable candidate for hair transplant surgery procedure or not. Suitability is based upon several factors like age, pre-existing health conditions, and type of hair itself. Even if you are not suitable for hair transplant surgery, your surgeon may recommend alternative therapies or medication to help regain or slow the hair loss.

How much does a hair transplant surgery cost?

At your first consultation, once your dermatological surgeon has been able to take a look at your hair, you will be able to get a cost for your surgery. Make sure to ask at the clinic about any finance options that may be available to you, and when payment will be due.

When will my hair start back to grow?

You will be able to see the difference immediately after the surgery is complete, you’ll see the outline of your new hair. However, it will take approximately one year for your hair to fully grow – you will notice daily progress as your hair grows.


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