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Our bodies are a complex machine that has a billion processes going on at the same time. These ongoing processes may have a significant effect on our bodies. These cosmetic effects may sometimes be visible on your skin. The skin is the most important organ in the human body, and it can be afflicted by a variety of illnesses and disorders. Beverly Hills MD is one of the solutions for all your cosmetic-related problems. The wrinkles on your face or the bags under your eyes or the paleness of your lips show the increasing toll that your skin takes day by day.

Dermatologist in Lavelle road examines these problems and provides long-lasting solutions.

Skin is the most external part of our body, is an organ that should be exposed to the most care. It is the organ that we present daily. If there is anything off with your face, it is the first thing that is noticed. We may not act upon it, but there is something that all of us wish we could fix. It may be anything from wanting thin lips to having your dark circles gone; it may be about the laugh lines or wrinkles; the issues are immense.

What is the solution?

The solution you are looking for may be found in Wrinkle injections and Dermal fillers. They are aimed to not only fix the problems mentioned above but also to act on a range of other conditions. For instance, it works in aging and hence fine line formation. It is also beneficial when some volume needs to be added to the lips or under the eye.

Key differences between Anti-Wrinkle injections and Dermal fillers

There are a lot of essential differences when it comes to wrinkle injections and Dermal fillers. To understand this difference, we first have to realize how both of these work. The anti-wrinkle dose is a neuromodulator that acts on the nerves and the muscles, modifying them to stop wrinkle formation. Dermal fillers act as volume enhancers as in the lips or cheeks. In some cases, they even act as skin rejuvenators. While both these products are mostly made up of the same ingredients, different brands formulate different types of products.

Wrinkle injections and Dermal fillers act differently and can be used together to produce great results. While an anti-wrinkle injection may be able to deal with a frown line or a crow’s feet, a dermal filler can plump lips or fill out acne scarring. Anti-wrinkle doses are effective against any line caused by movement like the ones caused by laughing or frowning. If a line is caused due to sagging, there is not much that an anti-wrinkle injection can do, but a dermal filler can handle this situation well.

Although the results may be fascinating, none of these are permanent solutions and get resorbed over time. An anti-wrinkle injection has a lifetime of 3-4 months, while a dermal filler may last up to a year.

Deciding which cosmetic solution to go with won’t be a big problem with a dermatologist. Proper examination of your skin determines, which will suit you the best. Young people prefer minimal treatments so that these procedures can be performed as preventatives as a part of a lifelong cosmetic dermatology plan.

What factors determine which cosmetic treatment to opt for?

To determine which type of cosmetic injection your face will benefit most from, some factors have to be considered. These are,

  • Facial anatomy and primary concern.
  • Skin condition
  • Personal cultural preference.

Before going under the needle your nurse will do a clinical assessment which will include,

  • Your comprehensive medical treatment and your suitability for undergoing injectable treatments.
  • Assessment of your facial structure and examination of the areas of your face you want to accentuate or adjust.
  • Outlining the best strategies to address your primary concerns (e.g., Thin lip, weak chin, lip lines, etc.).
  • Which areas of your face are you comfortable with starting the treatment. Factors like your budget and preference influence this.

If you are considering any of the above procedures, then the dermatologist in Lavelle road is here to help you. Before undergoing any procedure, you should be clear about your needs and the pros and cons of a procedure like this. More and more men and women are looking to try out these procedures in a bid to attain smooth-looking and plump facial features. Though temporary, these cosmetic procedures are gaining popularity as they are a cheaper alternative to facial surgery.

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